‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 30 Episode 2 Records Lowest Ratings in Years

dwts season 30 ratings

ABC Tyra Banks hosts "Dancing With the Stars" season 30.

Season 30 of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” began airing on Monday, September 20, 2021. The show has aired two episodes of the season and included one elimination at the time of writing.

Unfortunately for “Dancing With the Stars,” the show does not appear to be gaining favor with fans despite efforts to bring in younger stars and get new viewers to watch the show by bringing on stars like Olivia Jade, who is an influencer, and Cody Rigsby, a Peleton instructor.

There are many reasons that viewers may not be tuning in. Some vowed to boycott the show when they realized that Tyra Banks would be returning for her second season as host. Others were upset when it was revealed that pop star JoJo Siwa would be dancing with a female partner in the first female partnership in the show’s history.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Continues to Lose Viewers

According to TVSeriesFinale, which reports the viewership on shows each week, “Dancing With the Stars” pulled in just 5.46 million viewers for the season premiere, which was down nearly 33% down from the season 29 premiere. On top of that, the coveted demographic of viewers aged 18-49 did not tune into the show like they did the year before.

In that demographic, “Dancing With the Stars” saw a 31% dip from the previous year and came in at a .92 rating.

Things did not get better for the second episode of the season, which featured the first elimination. Instead, they got worse. In the 18-49 demographic, the viewership was down 21% from the previous episode. Overall viewership was even worse for the episode. The show pulled in just 4.876 million viewers for the second episode of the season.

For context, the second episode of season 29 pulled in 6.091 million viewers. The premiere of season 29, however, brought in 8.21 million, according to TVSeriesFinale. The drop in numbers is huge when compared to the current season.

Last season, for instance, The Sun reported that viewership hit a “record low” when the show pulled in 5.8 million viewers during the third episode of the season. The outlet reported at the time that the reason for the dip may have been because viewers did not like host Tyra Banks, who was on her first season of the show.

Going back for years on the ratings for the show, it has been at least five seasons since “Dancing With the Stars” pulled in fewer than 5 million viewers. Even with seven-day streaming numbers totaled and added by next week, it’s likely that number will stay lower than executives may have expected.

ABC Loses to NBC on Monday Nights

Season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars” premiered on the same day as season 21 of NBC’s “The Voice.”

According to TVSeriesFinale, the ratings for Monday, September 27, 2021 are in and reveal that NBC’s singing competition series “The Voice” has continued to stay ahead in ratings each week.

“The Voice” pulled in 6.66 million viewers for the third episode of the season, beating out “Dancing With the Stars,” “9-1-1,” and “The Neighborhood.”

Overall, Monday night high ratings go to “NCIS,” however, which airs at 9 p.m. on CBS and pulled in 7.79 million viewers on that night.

It’s possible that “Dancing With the Stars” just hit a low rating for the night and will bounce back throughout the rest of the season. It’s also possible that streaming numbers will come in higher than expected for the show after the seven-day period.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Kim Brody
Kim Brody
11 months ago

I do not watch the show faithfully as I have in the past Tyra banks is using this as a modeling platform the outfits that she wears are outright ridiculous be a host you are no longer in modeling. As far as Jojo siwa goes I don’t feel that she should be dancing with a female not that I am against same sex relationships or anything but this is a male female competition and she should be dancing with a male, who is the lead male in that duo, And does it change from dance to dance if it was strictly a male female pairing the male would always be the lead I think it is a very big disadvantage also that she is a dancer it doesn’t matter if she’s not a ballroom dancer she is a professional dancer and should not be allowed to compete.
Either dancing with the stars is getting hard up for stars or they just don’t care about their viewings.

Anca Clabbers
Anca Clabbers
11 months ago

I feel you should not have Olivia Jade chosen as a STAR on DWTS, as she is a cheater, not a star.
Someone involved in A college admission scandal is not a value you wantnto have on any show. Is not like the parents did it, and their daughters had no clue, they were involve din this scam, taking pictures…..they cheated using their money to put their academically incapable daughters where they did not academically belong, to take away chances from out own teens.
Kick her out of the show, she is no star, family of cheaters! Parents were convicted for prison time.
You should praise and advertise values, like Suni Lee, who successfully represented our country at the Olympics and other deserving stars.
What a shame, I am really dissapointed on whom you choose to be in TV as STARS!!
You still have time to fix it, eliminate her, so we can watch the show, without having our principles insulted.

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