DWTS Champ’s Toddler Falls Down a Flight of Stairs


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A Mirrorball Trophy winner shared a scary moment with fans.

On September 15, 2022, Shawn Johnson, who won “Dancing With the Stars” season 8, reshared a video on her Instagram Stories that her husband had originally shared. In the video, the couple’s son Jett was playing on some stairs in the family’s backyard when he fell, tumbling down a couple of the concrete steps. Thankfully, the baby wasn’t hurt.

“A couple things to note: 1) dude kind of stuck the landing… 2) dad reflexes in training. this won’t be the last time- this guy @jettjameseast is wild,” Andrew East captioned his post. In the video, Johnson can be seen laying down in the grass next to a fenced in pool. She quickly got to her knees before realizing that Jett was totally fine.

“Mom is stressed,” East wrote on the video, adding that things “could have been worse.” Johnson fell over onto the grass, clearly relieved that her son wasn’t seriously injured. Little Jett carried about his day playing outside and didn’t even appear to cry after the fall.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Applauded Andrew’s Reaction Time

As Jett played on the stairs, he bent down and ended up toppling forward. He rolled down to the bottom step and Andrew was quick to get to his son, which many people noticed.

“Reaction and hands rating through the roof,” one comment read.

“Dad reflexes for the win!” someone else added.

“He was just testing daddy’s football skills and looks like he still got it,” a third person said.

Several people also related to the scary moment, which many parents have been through time and time again.

“LOL these kids really be out here tryna kill us,” one mom wrote.

“I can’t help but laugh cuz I’ve had mom moments like this,” another Instagram user said.

Thankfully, the scary moment was over quickly and Jett was okay.

“Those East babies are made of granite!!” joked a fan.

Drew Ran Into a Table When She Was Younger

East and Johnson’s daughter was also a bit of a clumsy toddler. When Drew was younger, she actually walked into a table and ended up with a huge “goose egg” bruise on her forehead.

“To answer a few burning questions haha… -yes, we are aware of her bruise haha. It’s her first true goose egg. Ran straight into the dining table. Doesn’t realize how tall she is. All is good there. Doc checked,” Johnson wrote on her Instagram Stories at the time, according to People magazine.

East and Johnson frequently share photos and videos of their two kids on social media and fans love to see them. The couple is often praised for being present and really interacting with Drew, 3, and Jett, 1.

On August 27, 2022, for example, East shared a video of himself playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with Drew, who isn’t the best at finding hiding spots.

“Honestly she’s not great at this game rn,” he captioned the fun video. Fans got a kick out of the video and let East know in the comments section.

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