Is Val Chmerkovskiy Leaving DWTS? Jenna Johnson Reveals Answer

Jenna and Val DWTS

Getty Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy’s future on the show has been up in the air since season 30, but now it’s starting to seem a little more clear.

Chmerkovskiy is married to professional dancer Jenna Johnson, who recently did an interview with Us Weekly where she addressed her husband’s future on the show.

Johnson Says Chmerkovskiy Is ‘Excited’ About the Future of DWTS

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jenna Johnson seemed to insinuate that her husband would be returning to “Dancing With the Stars” if he was asked back.

“He is snatched,” she told the outlet. “He’s chiseled and he’s really inspired right now. So I’m like a little like, ‘Okay. Watch out.’ I think he’s really excited for this next season.”

Chmerkovskiy also told Extra that he may be returning for the upcoming season.

“We don’t know the details of [the show] yet,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m back or not, but I’m excited about the show.”

Chmerkovskiy previously insinuated that he was going to retire from the show.

During season 30 of the show, professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy was partnered with influencer Olivia Jade, and during that time, he told fans that he thought he would be retiring after the season was over.

He also spoke with his partner on her podcast, “Conversations With Olivia Jade.”

When it came to why he was looking to retire, he said there were multiple reasons including babies, Broadway, movies and just moving on past “Dancing With the Stars” professionally.

Some Fans Don’t Want Chmerkovskiy Back

After Johnson’s comments, some fans took to Reddit to talk about the fact that it sounds like Chmerkovskiy will be returning to the show.

“I can’t believe Val is planning to come back Wow now so suddenly he is all excited?” one person wrote. “These miserable and burnt out pros just don’t want to give it up I see… I guess I’m gonna have to skip Val parts just like people skip through Tyra’s.”

The poster went on to talk about Chmerkovskiy’s comment calling some of his Russian co-workers “spineless b****es” during the offseason.

“I think Val has already been forgotten and burnt out,” a comment reads. “I believe he’s the longest oldest pro next to Cheryl? They need to go… they can pair Val with Beyonce and I still wouldn’t vote for that man. I used to love Val too until I read all the horrible stuff he’s done on here.”

Other people think the reason Chmerkovskiy may return to the show is simply financial.

“I just think he couldn’t find anything else tbh, he’s only done conventions, which every to does, since the end of the DWTS season and some work he was already doing with his studios,” the comment reads.

Another person pointed out, “I belong to a DWTS group on Facebook and it includes a lot of older women who love Val and Gleb and here people seem all over them…lol.”

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2022 in a new home. The show will now air live exclusively on Disney+ instead of on ABC.

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Lawrence Owens
Lawrence Owens
1 month ago

ABC will regret putting DWTS on Disney+ instead of keeping it on ABC.

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