WATCH: First Video of Lori Loughlin Returning as Abigail on ‘When Hope Calls’

Lori Loughlin will star on When Hope Calls

Crown Media Lori Loughlin will star on When Hope Calls

Lori Loughlin is returning to television for the first time since the college admissions scandal broke. She’ll be reviving her character of Abigail, who was a lead character in Hallmark’sWhen Calls the Heart.” However, this time Abigail will be appearing on “When Hope Calls,” which is airing its second season on a new network called GAC Family. The first video of Loughlin reviving her character was released during a special GAC Family television event that showcased the network’s upcoming Christmas movies. The video shows Abigail with Cody, portrayed by Carter Ryan.

The Clip Was Aired During GAC Family’s ‘Welcome to Great American Christmas’

The new clip was aired during GAC Family’s Christmas preview special on Saturday night, October 16. The special was hosted by Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopolous of Hallmark’s now-canceled “Home & Family” daytime series. The two hosts introduced the clip, which shows Abigail and Cody at a festive Christmas tree in Brookfield.

A video clip of the moment is below.

VideoVideo related to watch: first video of lori loughlin returning as abigail on ‘when hope calls’2021-10-17T01:07:53-04:00

In the video, Abigail and Cody are in Brookfield enjoying the holiday festivities. We first see a view of their Christmas tree and then Abigail says to Cody: “This tree is so beautiful.”

Cody says, “Being here has got me thinking of me and my sister. I don’t know what would have happened without you.”

Abigail says, “Oh Cody. Nothing has made me happier than being your mom.”

Cody asks, “You mean it?”

And Abigail says, “With all my heart.”

They hug, the camera shows the beautifully decorated Christmas tree again, and the scene ends.

After the scene ended, GAC Family showed a screen that affirmed that Daniel Lissing is also going to be in the new season. However, Lissing’s role has not yet been revealed.

On Twitter, “When Calls the Heart” fans were excited to see the clip with Loughlin as Abigail.

One fan wrote: “I can’t wait for When Hope Calls!” and shared several pictures from the scene that was revealed.

Another fan wrote, “Abigail and Cody! I’m totally not crying…” 

Another fan wrote, “@GACfamilyTV Enjoyed watching the coming Xmas movies; Debbie n Cameron great hosts. Especially excited about Abigail, Cody, n Daniel Lissing on WHC. #McGarries.”

‘When Hope Calls’ Returns on December 18

“When Hope Calls” returns for a two-part episode opening season 2 on December 18 on GAC Family. Grace, one of the main characters, will not be returning. Morgan Kohan will reprise her role as Lillian Walsh.

Part 1 airs on Saturday, December 18, at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. Part 2 airs immediately after Part 1 on Saturday, December 18, at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

Brian Bird is still set as an executive producer for the new season, despite its move to a new network. Michael Landon is also an executive producer, along with Brad Krevoy, Alfonso H. Moreno, Kaitlyn Greenough, and David Anselmo. Bird is also still executive producer of “When Calls the Heart” on The Hallmark Channel.

Bill Abbott, the former CEO of The Hallmark Channel, launched GAC Family and sister channel GAC Living under the umbrella of the company GAC Media on September 27.

You can learn how to stream GAC Family and “When Hope Calls” in Heavy’s story here, which also includes a list of currently verified TV channels that air the new network.

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