EXCLUSIVE: Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt on ‘100 Day Dream Home,’ Working With a Spouse & More

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt

HGTV Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt.

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt are back with season 3 of “100 Day Dream Home,” this time fresh off their “Rock the Block” win.

For 10 episodes, the Florida-based couple will build their clients’ dream homes in just 100 days. Ahead of the premiere, the HGTV stars spoke with Heavy about their new season, their first-of-its-kind song competition, working with a spouse and more.

Here is what you need to know:

On Season 3 of ‘100 Day Dream Home’

“100 Day Dream Home” is back for a third season and the Kleinschmidsts are teasing what is to come – including a collaboration with another HGTV talent. Though, Mika did not reveal who it will be.

Trying to not give away too much about this season, Mika told Heavy, “We’ve got some really cool, unique stories. I mean I feel like every season we offer different journeys of our clients, but this season we’ve got some houses like nothing we’ve done before. Some multi-generational homes, some really unique, special projects, which you know, is something we try to do for each family.”

Brian added that fans of the first two seasons will find “a lot of the same but different at the same time.” As he put it, “We always like to keep it fresh and we definitely like to have different styles of builds and designs.”

The couple also branched out to other areas of Tampa, Florida this year.

On Working With a Spouse

The Kleinschmidts live and work with their spouse, but according to Mika, they had plenty of practice before landing on HGTV.

“Prior to us even starting the real estate thing, we own some franchises together so we had a good nine years under our belt,” Mika explained. “And I think it’s just about work-life balance and making sure you make time for yourself and have creative outlets. You know, we love it.”

Brian chimed in, “We’re a great team, at the end of the day, we love each other. We do butt heads, I mean you’ll see that on the show, we keep it as real as possible.”

Though, he explained they often film separately. He added, “The first time we see what the other is doing is when the episode airs which is always kind of cool for us. We watch it with a fresh set of eyes just like the viewers do.”

On ‘100 Day Dream Song’

“100 Day Dream Home” will sound a little different this season thanks to the “100 Day Dream Song” competition.

“Mika and I kind of dreamed up on our own and then we pitched it to HGTV just kind of like on a whim, hoping they would say ‘Yes.’ And they did,” Brian explained to Heavy. “And now we’re about to launch it. And so, season 3 is 10 different episodes and so singers, songwriters and creators from all over the country, we handpicked 10 of them. Each of them is going to have their own theme song per episode and then viewers are going to go online and rate their favorite.”

To vote, go to HGTV’s “100 Day Dream Home” page. Spanning various genres, the musicians include Troubadour Blue; Riley Roth; Brent Hagel; Brent Morgan; Javier Colon; Luke Caldwell; Curtis Roach; Amanda Droste and Bart Migal; Nikki Leonti and Ryan Edgar and Melissa Polinar; and Ruby Amanfu.

As he explained, “The talent is incredible and I cannot wait for the viewers to see our show but also now hear our show.”

On Revisiting Homes from Season 2

Each week, before the new episodes of “100 Day Dream Home,” Mika and Brian will look back at a season 2 home – all from their living room.

“Mika and I literally sit on our couch in our living room and watch season 2 episodes and we kind of commentate on them and we talk about behind-the-scenes or funny things that might have happened,” Brian said. As he explained, fans will “kind of get back-to-back Mika and Brian for the Monday nights. But we’ve seen some of those. They are so much fun reliving those, watching them back and you’re kind of letting the viewers know something they may never have known behind the scenes.”

The couple is most excited to revisit one home in particular – their own.

As Mika told Heavy, “Going through the process, you realize how difficult like it is and when we had to go through making the decisions of building our house at the same time as working on other houses. It was kind of funny to watch that back and see how we react to certain things.”

As Brian quipped, “We were our own worst clients.”

“100 Day Dream Home” airs Mondays on HGTV at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times. It is also available to stream on discovery+.

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