‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Season 19 Premiere Spoilers & Recap

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Key Art. The new season premieres September 17, 2020.

E! "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Key Art. The new season premieres September 17, 2020.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 19 premiere took place Thursday, September 17, at 8 p.m. Eastern time on E! The Kardashian-Jenner family returned for their second-to-last premiere.

The family announced that they decided to cancel KUWTK on September 8. The last season of KUWTK will air in early 2021. After the final season airs, the franchise will total 20 seasons, 14 years and numerous spinoff series. Beware of episode spoilers as the show airs.

Khloe Kardashian Preps Her BFF Malika for Motherhood

The premiere opens up with Khloe Kardashian, Malika Haqq and her sister Khadijah Haqq McCra shopping for clothes for Malika’s new little one. “They are crazy,” Malika jokes. She admits the nursery shopping has made her a little overwhelmed and uneasy about her single-parent reality. “I never envisioned that I would have a child and be single,” Malika reveals in an interview.

Later on, Khloe visits Malika at her new home where Malika vents to her about the struggles she’s having preparing for a baby by herself. When talking about her relationship with her son’s dad, she says, “It was better for me to not stay in the relationship, because it was getting harder and harder, but we’ve agreed to co-parent and bring our son into a loving environment because that’s the most important thing.”

Before ending the scene, Malika tells Khloe that she needs to get a handyman to help set up the crib, because, “His dad doesn’t do stuff like that.” Later on in the week, while talking about Malika’s vision for the baby shower with Khloe, Malika opens up about her stress raising a child alone. “He can say anything, it doesn’t mean he’s going to do it, and you’re going to be responsible for that,” Khloe tells Malika about her ex-boyfriend Flores. Malika responds, “It is what it is. We have these little talks often, but I just hope it sticks.”

Khloe and Khadijah – Malika’s sister – chat at lunch to discuss Malika’s baby shower on the season 19 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Khadijah and Khloe call Malika during lunch, but the call goes awry when Malika says, “I mean I’m five seconds from not wanting a f****** shower anyways.”

Khloe calls Malika back afterward to hear Malika crying on the other side of the phone. “I’m just really stressed out. I’m not in the best situation, I’m trying to do the best that I can and any little s*** that I’m supposed to enjoy, like my shower.” Malika’s stress shows Kardashian that there’s much more going on than just planning the shower. “I know that Malika bursting into tears really has nothing to do with Khadijah or myself,” Kardashian says in an interview. “We can imagine that it has something do to with O.T. and something that’s deeper than us. I definitely empathize with her, but I just want her to always feel reassured that I’m there for her,” Khloe says.

Regardless of her stress, Malika shows up glowing at her baby shower that Khloe threw. She gives a speech thanking all the women who have been supporting her through her pregnancy, with a special shoutout to her sister and Khloe. “You only showed me unconditional love and I couldn’t thank you anymore,” Malika emotionally says.

Kourtney Explores Her Family’s Lack of Affection

After the adorable opening scene, the show jumps to Kourtney Kardashian having a Poosh fashion shoot and Poosh meeting talking about content ideas. “A lot of my energy goes into Poosh,” she says. The conversation evolves into weird jobs, with Kourtney admitting, “I was a foot model for Sketchers back in the day.” Kourtney immediately thinks of a professional cuddler.

Kourtney continues to explore the role of a professional cuddler. In a somewhat awkward and uncomfortable scene where Kourtney and friends have a cuddling session, she opens up about her and her sisters’ lack of affection towards one another. “We’re just not very affectionate,” she says. Later on, she tells sister Kendall Jenner about the experience where she realizes that it’s not just Kourtney who feels uncomfortable with physical affection towards one another.

But Kourtney isn’t the only one taking part in a cuddling session. She invites Kris, Khloe and Kim to her house for a session with the Cuddle Sanctuary. After some serious hesitation, the sisters all go into a tent filled with pillows and blankets. Khloe is visibly uncomfortable, even crying at one point. But the professional cuddler works her magic, and the sisters end the session all laying next to one another. “I think just having a moment together is nice,” Kourtney says in an interview.

Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick Play the Ultimate Prank on Kris Jenner

Khloe and Scott Disick officially began phase two of pranking Kris Jenner. To embarrass Kris to the max, Khloe takes her to dinner with Kris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, and Kim Kardashian. “Right now the plan is to get her belligerently drunk so she blacks out and doesn’t remember tonight,” Khloe says in an interview.

Secretly, the whole dinner, Khloe is sipping on a water martini while encouraging Kris to order martini after martini. “Mom thinks it’s my first time ever having a martini,” Khloe says in an interview. Before long, Kris has had a few too many dirty martinis, and she’s nonstop hysterically laughing. “Corey’s gonna get laid tonight,” Khloe laughs. “Or she’s going to pass out tonight,” Kim jokes. “I’m so tired,” and Kris lays down on Khloe’s lap. “Are you – mom, what is going on?” Khloe says.

After getting Kris belligerent at dinner, Khloe spills in an interview that she’s collaborated with Kris’ publicist – Christy Welder – for a master plan. After Kris gets home and changes, Christy will take her clothes, throw them in a trash bag and give them to Khloe to wear later. “It’s going to look so perfect that she won’t know if it’s her or the imposter,” Khloe laughs.

Halfway through the episode, it’s prank go-time. Scott asks Khloe how the dinner went last night while she gets glammed out and sports Kris’ old outfit. “Pranks continue my friend,” Scott notes in an interview. Khloe and Scott then go to a dumpster and conduct a full-on photoshoot with Scott as the director. Khloe poses in every drunk position imaginable – from climbing into a dumpster to vomiting on the side of the dumpster. They ended the photoshoot with Kardashian holding a handle of vodka like a gold trophy out of the dumpster.

Kris Thinks She’s Facing a PR Nightmare

Khloe and Scott call Christy and tell her it’s go-time. Christy calls Kris to tell her that TMZ sent her photos of Kris drunk stopping at a liquor store in Malibu. Corey plays along with the prank – after Khloe told him – and tells Kris they stopped there to go to the bathroom.

Initially, Kris can’t tell if the photos are actually her or not, but Corey confirms that it’s her. “I couldn’t have more security [in reference to Corey] yet someone has photos of me drunk as a skunk,” she says in an interview. “I couldn’t be more mortified right now.”

When Kris arrives at Khloe’s house, she’s clearly distracted and stressed. Every time Khloe or Scott asks if everything’s okay, she reassures them that it’s all fine. Kris goes outside to take a call with Christy, but Scott and Khloe follow her.

“Mom is this you peeing?” Khloe asks Kris, showing her one of the photos. “How could you not remember it?” Scott asks, to which Kris responds, “I don’t know.”

“That’s really scary. Could you imagine another scenario?” Scott asks Kris while Khloe Khloe laughs in the background.

Before Kris has a full-on freakout that the photos have been leaked, Scott puts another scenario in her mind. He asks what she would think if Khloe had dressed up as Kris while Scott took photos. Kris – clearly processing – doesn’t believe the two of them. Khloe, Scott, Kris and Corey then decide to take the prank even further with Kim.

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