Why ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Regrets Going On ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

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Shay Johnson, who has starred on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Miami, explained why she regrets appearing on the OWN network’s Iyanla Fix My Life show. Johnson appeared on the show with her mother and two brothers to repair their strained relationships. Things didn’t go as planned and she argued with the show’s host, Iyanla Vanzant, and walked off the show. She returned for a final talk with her family that Vanzant refused to be present for because she felt that Johnson disrespected her.

Johnson did an Instagram Live chat with another reality star, Neffeteria Pugh, who is also fellow Love & Hip Hop star Keyshia Cole‘s sister. During their talk, they both expressed being dissatisfied with their experience on the show. Johnson said if she knew her appearance would have been such a disaster, she wouldn’t have done the show.

“If I would have known that it would go the way that it went, I would not have brought my family. These were real situations,” Johnson said. “My thing is, this is what’s going on with my situation, and if somebody can help us, let’s try that because we’ve never tried anything. She brought up Scrapp. She brought up Trini (her boyfriend) saying I should leave him. She brought up my father as if he abandoned me and he didn’t.”

Pugh echoed these sentiments and added that the show is “not what it really is” perceived to be. Pugh also walked off the set after bumping heads with Vanzant when she was on the show.

“I went on this show with my husband at the time to save my marriage,” she said. “It did more torment than healing. This woman, let me tell you. What people don’t understand is, this woman called me a b**** She said, ‘Neffe is a b****, a guttersnipe straight up out the hood,’ which made me get up, walk off the set so that I could respect my elders. I went back again to make sure that I was not trippin’…and I got the same results. So it’s not you.”

See their conversation below.

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Johnson Said She Didn’t ‘Vibe With’ Vanzant’s Attitude


When Johnson walked off of the set in the midst of arguing with Vanzant, she scolded the motivational speaker for the approach she took while trying to help her family mend their relationships.

“I told you I didn’t want it to be no intervention, pointing the finger at me making me look bad,” Johnson at Vanzant.

When Vanzant was trying to explain that she had to be patient with the process Johnson shouted back: “F*** the process if it’s making me look like a g****** fool!”

During a latter part of the episode, Johnson returned for a final talk with her mother and two brothers and admitted she could have handled their conflict differently.

“We both said some things we should not have said,” she said. “She’s not here for me to talk to her and that’s completely fine. She needs her space and I do too. But there were things said on both ends. At the end of the day, I have to hold myself accountable for my actions. I should have just ignored what I felt was disrespect from her and just left.”

After the episode aired, Johnson reflected about her experience while on Instagram Live, UrbanBelle noted, and explained why she didn’t mesh well with Vanzant.

I don’t vibe with her. I don’t vibe with her attitude. I don’t vibe with her smart a** mouth. I don’t vibe with her disrespect and I don’t vibe with the fact that she don’t own up to s***. ‘Cause you want to act like I was just there arguing with the air and talking to myself and the walls. No, I was actually talking to you and you had a rebuttal for everything I said. You had a rebuttal for everything I had to say so don’t try to play victim and put out the edit version as if you didn’t snap at me, cuss me out. Oh no, I’m a bust your s*** right on out sweetheart. And I don’t got nothing against her. I think she’s amazing but your approach, you got to switch it up for the people you deal with ’cause everybody can’t handle that bark, bark approach. Just switch it up a little bit and you’ll be fine.”

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