Why Isn’t Jordan Wiseley on The Challenge: Double Agents?

Jordan Wiseley

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The new season of The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9, but three-time champion Jordan Wiseley is notably absent from the cast. Shortly after the 36th season was announced, Wiseley and his fiance, fellow Challenge star Tori Deal, revealed that they’d called off their engagement and broken up. Deal did join the cast of the new season and given that it was filmed when the couple was still together, why didn’t Wiseley compete on Double Agents?

Wiseley hasn’t retired from the show, fans will be pleased to know, but he responded to fan comments on his Instagram page saying that other commitments prevented him from participating in the 36th season. He also made it quite clear that he intends to return to the show in the future. However, since announcing his breakup from Deal, he hasn’t revealed what he intends to do about future Challenge seasons.

In one answer about not appearing on Double Agents, Wiseley wrote, “I’ve been shooting some new projects for your TV and device viewing pleasures.” In another response, he said, “I had to give someone else a shot!! And I’ve been filming a few other projects but I’ll be back in the future.” A similar response reads, “Not this season, I ended up filming a different project and gave someone else a chance. I’ll be back tho!”

Wiseley Has Taken Several Seasons Off in the Past & Has Only Appeared in Half of the Last Dozen Seasons

Wiseley taking some time off the show is nothing new, as he has only participated in six of the last 12 seasons excluding Double Agents. The Real World: Portland star, 30, first appeared on Rivals II, where he made it to the final and came in third, immediately followed by Free Agents and Battle of the Exes II, the latter of which he won with Sarah Rice.

Wiseley then took three seasons off before returning for XXX: Dirty 30, which he also won. After that solo win, he took another three seasons off before eventually returning for War of the Worlds 2 and winning that with his team. If this trend continues, it may be a few seasons before Wiseley returns to the show to try to get his fourth win.

Wiseley Has Three Challenge Wins Under His Belt But Was Sent Home Early on ‘Total Madness’ After a Difficult Elimination

Despite not appearing in as many seasons as other veterans, Wiseley has an impressive three wins under his belt. When he appeared on Total Madness in the spring of 2020, he was coming off a great season, War of the Worlds 2, which he won convincingly alongside his “Team UK” cast members Chris “CT” Tamburello, Dee Nguyen and Rogan O’Connor.

However, he was eliminated on the eighth episode when he was sent into elimination against Fessy Shafaat in Pole Wrestle. After his elimination, Heavy spoke with Wiseley about the matchup against Shafaat and his future on the show. He said as soon as he saw the elimination would be pole wrestle, he knew he’d be going in and likely against Shafaat. “Pole wrestle is the worst elimination that I could get personally. So when I saw it was that, I was like, ‘F***. Alright, here we go.’ It was like, well shake that off and you gotta do it.”

Wiseley told Heavy that his early loss lit a fire under him as he was becoming complacent: “I’m just getting started. The last time I lost and came back, I won three in a row. I will do at least that.” He added, “I was like, yeah triple champ, three in a row. I’m good. So I feel that this was a great reality check, bring me down to earth. And now I just feel recharged, you know?”

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