‘The Challenge’ Eliminated Contestant Reveals Harness Issue During Loss

Double Agents

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents

This week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents started off with a bang as TJ Lavin announced there would be a double elimination, with Devin Walker and Josh Martinez the two male contestants who were voted into the Crater by the house. They faced off against Darrell Taylor and Chris “CT” Tamburello respectively and both of them lost their gold skulls and were eliminated from the game.

After the episode aired, Josh Martinez took to social media to explain what happened during his elimination. In a now-deleted tweet, he said, “Fun fact: my harness dropped after Ct dropped it was impossible to reach the last piece. No matter what that man killed that puzzle. Just sucks that part isn’t shown while I was screaming at production to reset my harness, much rather a headbanger than that Elim. Wasn’t my night.”

Here is a screenshot of his tweet:

Josh Martinez tweet

MTVJosh Martinez’s tweet

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Josh Lost the Elimination to CT After Getting Thrown in for a Surprise Double Elimination

The episode continued where last week’s cliffhanger ended, with TJ announcing a security breach. It turned out that there would be a double elimination, with the second team receiving the most votes getting thrown into the Crater alongside Devin Walker and Gabby Allen. Since that was Josh and Nany Gonzalez, CT and his partner Tula “Big T” Fazakerley were able to decide both of the matchups and CT put himself down there to face Josh.

The first elimination between Devin and Darrell was neck-and-neck but Devin ultimately lost on the puzzle portion of the elimination and was sent home while Darrell stole his skull. In the second matchup, CT dominated the first part of the elimination and finished his puzzle as Josh was still in the harness attempting to get his final piece. CT stole Josh’s skull and sent the Big Brother alum home.

The elimination result in addition to Nam Vo’s departure from the game due to a medical disqualification means that Cory Wharton is the only male contestant left without a gold skull. On the female side, there is still one skull up for grabs with three women that do not yet have one: Big T, Gabby and Nany.

Josh Recently Said He Wants to Compete for Another 3 Years on ‘The Challenge’

Josh Martinez

MTVJosh Martinez

Shortly before Josh’s elimination from the game, the Big Brother winner revealed that he’d like to continue competing on The Challenge until he’s 30 before officially retiring from the show. The reality TV star recently turned 27 which means he would be willing to compete for another three years and as many as six more seasons if the show keeps on a two-per-year schedule.

Double Agents is Josh’s fourth season in total and fourth in a row since making his debut on War of the Worlds and in an interview on the Challenge Mania podcast, he said he already got a call to appear on the 37th season of the show. After his elimination, Josh revealed in his exit interview that he’s still looking for his first win and wants to return to the franchise to become a champion. He said:

As hard as it is to deal with failure, losing and having to walk away from this game, I think that my drive to succeed and to win for my family is bigger than any setback I can take. I promise you, you will see me in that final and one day I’m gonna be a f****** Challenge champion.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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