Fans Slam RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna for Instagram Stories

Lisa Rinna

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On June 30, 2022, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” personality Lisa Rinna posted a series of Instagram Stories, wherein she criticized some viewers of the show, as reported by Today. According to the publication, Rinna’s uploads were posted a day after her co-star Garcelle Beauvais described Diana Jenkins as “uneducated” because of a comment she wrote to a Black content creator during a June 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” 

Rinna’s first Instagram Story read, “We fight on our show if we fight with Garcelle we are all of a sudden called a racist. That’s b******. I will not accept that. I will express myself when and how I want and I am not afraid of any of you h***.” The former “Melrose Place” actress continued her thoughts in a different upload. 

“And if you are just so triggered by our show and a lot of you p****** are Go watch [‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’],” read the Instagram Story. 

On June 30, a Reddit user took to the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit to share a screenshot of Rinna’s second Instagram Story. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About Lisa Rinna’s Instagram Stories

Several Bravo fans shared their thoughts about the social media posts in the comments section. 

“So now she is calling viewers/fans of the show she is on p*****. WTF is wrong with her… she’s entering Kelly Dodd territory. When Kelly began attacking the viewers/fans she was shown the door out,” wrote a commenter

“It’s not the first time she’s called viewers p****. She’s heinous,” added another

“The one thing Rinna is consistent about is choosing the wrong person to attack. She consistently attacks one or two people every season and always seems so confident in her choice. Then the audience reacts poorly to her choices. I truly don’t understand Rinna’s decisions,” commented a different person

“As a black person who has lived in predominantly white spaces, the behavior towards Garcelle from these white women is insanely triggering. Like garcelle is as messy as the rest of them but these white women are literally always ready to attack her at an extreme level for the smallest of shade,” shared a Reddit user

“She wouldn’t survive in the real world outside of her little, pretentious bubble in Beverly Hills. She is not as awesome or smart as she thinks she is,” chimed in a sixth “RHOBH” viewer

Some commenters shared they did not want Rinna to continue to be on “RHOBH” because of the Instagram Stories. 

“Please tell me she gets fired after all this,” wrote a Bravo fan

“Please tell me her rants and ramblings are grounds for firing?! So over Rinna,” asserted another.

“She needs to be fired wtf is this?” asked a social media user

Bravo fans also reacted to both of Rinna’s Instagram Stories in a separate thread on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit. 

“God this is so gross – rinna continues to be such trash,” wrote a Reddit user.

“Wtf triggered Rinna? She wasn’t even in this episode and she hasn’t fought with Garcelle so why the f*** she felt the need to say she’s not racist even if she fights with Garcelle and that we should all go watch a show with poc if we’re such p******. I mean wth??????” shared another.

Garcelle Beauvais Spoke About Lisa Rinna in May 2022

While speaking to Page Six in May 2022, Beauvais gave an update on her and Rinna’s friendship. 

“There are tensions, so it’s like seeing an ex-boyfriend,” said the “Coming to America” actress. 

While the co-stars do not appear to be close, Beauvais shared that she and Rinna were “doing good” in a March 2022 interview with Us Weekly

“It is what it is. But we definitely both came in with the idea of a fresh start,” said the Bravo personality. 

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