Kathy Hilton Believes Co-Star Is Trying Not to Get Fired by Bravo

Kathy Hilton

Getty Images Kathy Hilton shares her opinion on Lisa Rinna.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ season 12 cast trip to Aspen, Colorado, has seemingly opened a new feud, this one between co-stars Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna.

It all started while the women were at a club. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, but Hilton approached her sister Kyle Richards and told her that they needed to leave. When Richards didn’t leave with her sister, Rinna volunteered. The women left together in a van — and there were no Bravo cameras in tow.

On the ride back to Richards’ house — and in the time thereafter — Rinna claims that Hilton had a “meltdown.” While this was happening, Rinna was sending texts to Erika Jayne, letting her know what was going on. After the fact, Rinna didn’t give much detail about what Hilton was ranting about, but she did seem extremely uncomfortable. In fact, during Crystal Minkoff’s roaring 20s party, Rinna needed to leave early because of everything that happened with Hilton prior.

While fans may never actually know the whole truth about what went down in Aspen that night, Hilton has shared her own take as to why Rinna seems to be trying to take her down.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rinna Said She’d Never Seen ‘Anything Like’ Hilton’s Breakdown

During a confessional on the Wednesday, September 21, 2022, episode of RHOBH, Rinna shared a bit about how she felt after witnessing Hilton’s behavior, some of which was seen by the other women before Hilton and Rinna left the club.

“My head is definitely in a fog after what happened last night. It’s way worse than a hangover. We were at the club and Kathy was having an absolute meltdown. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I am not saying a whole lot ’cause I’m still in shock from what I experienced. It’s not something that I would’ve ever imagined coming from anyone in this group, let alone Kathy Hilton,” Rinna said.

“We get in the sprinter van and Kathy starts screaming about everything and she’d say things like, ‘I’m gonna take down NBC, Bravo, I will take down the show single-handedly. I will f****** ruin you all!’ What in the holy f****** hell?” Rinna added.

Hilton Shared Her Thoughts About Rinna on Instagram

While fans continue to try to figure out what really happen and some wonder if Rinna is actually telling the truth, Hilton herself has shared her feelings on the whole thing.

“Rinna does not EVER cower when someone is losing it! She jumps right it! So that makes me VERY suspicious,” an Instagram user wrote on the Behind the Velvet Rope Instagram account’s post. The upload was a photo of Hilton with the question, “do you believe the accusations about Kathy Hilton?

Dozens of RHOBH fans flooded the comments section, but one particular comment got a response from Hilton herself.

“She’s trying to save her job at @kathyhilton ‘s expense,” someone responded.

“So true!!! I wish I could repost this,” Hilton said.

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