SEE IT: Fans Unearth Photos of Melissa Gorga in a Fat Suit

Melissa Gorga.

Getty Images Melissa Gorga wore a fat suit in 2011.

As the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season officially winds down, fans have found themselves with a lot to discuss — especially when it comes to that three-part reunion.

While many have been debating who is right and who is wrong, or who made valid points and who didn’t, others have been discussing a 2011 television segment that Melissa Gorga did for Entertainment Tonight in which she put on a fat suit and walked around New York City.

For the special report, Gorga wore a matching hot pink sweat suit as she walked around with seven hidden cameras in tow.

“I’m a little jittery,” she admitted before heading out.

“‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Melissa Gorga has it all, youth, wealth, beauty and a thin physique. Would things be different if she was 400 lbs instead of 115?” read the outlet’s description of the segment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Strangers Commented on Gorga’s Weight

Melissa Gorga in a Fat Suit – Part 12012-07-19T02:06:29Z

Gorga sat through five hours of makeup to completely transform herself.

As she walked around Times Square, the reality star received “snide comments” as she tried doing day-to-day activities as a “morbidly obese” person. Fitting through subway turnstiles was a challenge, as was getting into the backseat of a cab, for example.

A still photo of Gorga posing with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was shared by the Twitter account Ironically Bravo on May 16, 2022.

“That time in 2011 Melissa Gorga battled obesity in America by donning a fat suit and posing with Snooki,” the caption of the photo read. “We just sat back and let this happen,” another caption of different photos read.

As for why Gorga agreed to do it, well, Entertainment Tonight reported that it’s a “lesson about judgment and respect.”

“It’s going to be interesting to see how people watch me and watch every bite that goes into my mouth and possibly assume that I just ate five minutes ago, or that I’m at a buffet because, you know, where else would I be ‘cuz it’s all you can eat,” she explained.

“I think immediately America will judge you if you’re overweight, and think that you’re a lazy person and that’s not necessarily the case all the time,” she added.

RHONJ Fans Talked About the Segment on Reddit

The picture quickly made its way to Reddit for fans to discuss.

“Yeah I remember this. Really stupid. What was the point of this? She will never truly understand the pain and every day struggle of someone that overweight bc she knows she can simply take off her suit,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“Seems like the experience really humbled her,” someone else wrote, adding several eye roll emoji.

“I hate when skinny b****** do this, they have no idea! Why didn’t they bring this up in the fat shaming episode. Look Tre had a bad season, but everything they say about her they have said/done the same or worse,” a third comment read.

“I actually remember this now, and I recall thinking it was awful then and it is certainly awful by today’s standards. The fat suit doesn’t even look realistic. It just looks like she swallowed Little Joey Gorga whole,” a fourth person added.

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