Dr. Terry Dubrow Reveals If He Regrets Calling David Beador ‘A Penis’

Terry Dubrow

Getty Dr. Terry Dubrow poses in 2018.

Dr. Terry Dubrow shared his thoughts about appearing on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on a February 2022 episode of his wife, Heather’s podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World.” As fans are aware, the Dubrows returned to the Bravo series after being absent for five years. 

During the podcast episode, Terry mentioned a moment from “RHOC” season 9, episode 18, where he got into an argument with Shannon Beador’s ex-husband, David Beador. In the “RHOC” season 9 episode, the “Botched” star revealed he had taken issue with David after he made an inappropriate comment while Heather was riding a mechanical bull. 

“I was pissed for you saying ‘spread your legs’ to my wife at my groundbreaking party for my mother and my kids, that’s where I hold you accountable for. You were either drunk or stupid, or both for doing that, David. It’s probably both. ‘Cause you’re a construction guy, so you were doing the holler back girl crap, calling girls names,” said Terry. 

When the Beador Construction, Inc. founder shared that he was unhappy with the doctor for insulting his profession, Terry corrected himself by saying he did not have an issue with construction workers. He then reiterated he did not appreciate David’s behavior. 

“We have a term for you in medicine, it’s called penis!” stated the father of four. 

Dr. Terry Dubrow Apologized to David Beador

While recording the “Heather Dubrow’s World” episode, Terry revealed why he “blew up at David” in “RHOC” season 9, episode 18. He explain that he had “called him a penis at a party in public” because he was aware that David was being unfaithful to Shannon. 

“I knew he was cheating. So I was upset that I couldn’t say anything and I called him a penis and I look like I’m not a nice guy. I mean do I regret calling him a penis? Absolutely. I regret calling him a penis. I mean first of all, I don’t like to have problems with people. I rather just walk away. But, you know, I was upset and so I said it and I regret it,” said the 63-year-old. 

Heather then shared that she understood why her husband had insulted David. 

“I get it. It’s frustrating when you are in a situation and I remember you saying to me, you were like, ‘The guy is so rude to me and holier than thou and he’s cheating on his wife and I can’t stand it, I can’t stand that’s what is going on,’” recalled the mother of four. 

Later in the podcast episode, Terry apologized for how he spoke to David in “RHOC” season 9. He also referenced that David is now married to Lesley Cook, who is the mother of his fourth child, Anna. 

“If you are listening David, which I know you’re not because you don’t listen to this, I certainly apologize for saying that and I know you are in a wonderful family situation now and I’m very happy for you,” asserted Terry.  

Shannon Beador Spoke About Her Relationship With John Janssen

According to E! News, Shannon shared information about David’s infidelity during the show’s tenth season, which premiered in 2015. The former couple finalized their divorce in 2019 after being separated for two years. Shannon is currently dating John Janssen. While her boyfriend has appeared in “RHOC,” the mother of three noted that they have not shared every aspect of their relationship in a January 2022 interview with New York Live.  

“I am an open book but I have learned that you have to have a private portion of your relationship that you just keep to yourself, so that’s kind of what John and I do but we’re very open and honest,” said Shannon. 

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