Can You Watch Rick and Morty’s Season 5 Finale on Hulu or HBO Max?

Rick and Morty Season 5 (Adult Swim)

Adult Swim Rick and Morty Season 5

Adult Swim’s hit series, “Rick and Morty,” is airing its season 5 finale tonight on Sunday, September 5. The finale airs on TV at 11 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. But can you watch season 5 episodes 9 and 10 on Hulu or HBO Max? The answer is a little complicated, so read on for all the details.

The ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Finale Can Be Watched Live on Hulu with Live TV

If Hulu is your preferred streaming service for watching the “Rick and Morty” season 5 finale, then you’ll have to watch it on Hulu with Live TV if you want to see the finale live. It won’t be available on regular Hulu services.

Hulu with Live TV is a premium service. It offers 65+ TV channels, including Adult Swim and the Cartoon Network. You can even try the service with a free seven-day trial. Once you’re signed up for this higher tier service, you can watch “Rick and Morty” on the device of your choice, which ranges from Roku to Apple TV to Amazon Firesticks, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, certain smart TVs, and Android or iOS phones or tablets.

You Can’t Watch the Finale on HBO Max If You’re in the U.S., But HBO May Air It in Other Countries

You can’t watch “Rick and Morty” season 5 episode 9 or 10 live or even shortly thereafter on HBO Max in the United States. It’s not available on HBO Max yet. Although some shows, like “South Park,” may air on HBO Max or Hulu the day after they are broadcast on TV, that’s not the case with “Rick and Morty” episodes.

If you live in a country outside the United States, however, then check with your local HBO channel to find out if “Rick and Morty” season 5’s finale will be airing on HBO or one of its streaming services. HBO Asia, for example, airs new episodes on its HBO Go streaming service on Mondays.

HBO Nordic airs uncensored “Rick and Morty” episodes too.

HBO Max & Regular Hulu Services Likely Won’t Get Season 5 Until 2022

“Rick and Morty” first became available on both Hulu and HBO Max in November 2020. Last season, it was about six months after season 4 ended before new episodes were available on regular Hulu or HBO Max.

Inverse reported that all of season 5 will likely be added to Hulu’s regular streaming library sometime around the first week of February 2022, or perhaps even late January 2022. Season 5 is expected to be added to HBO Max on the same day it’s added to Hulu’s regular service. Inverse predicted this will be sometime between January 30 and February 6, 2022.

If you don’t want to wait and you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can always try watching online at here or here. But you’ll likely need a cable log-in to watch on or on the Adult Swim app. You can also purchase the entire season on iTunes or Amazon Prime Video if you don’t want to wait, but don’t have another way to watch it online.

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