‘Star Trek’ Actor John De Lancie Shares What’s Coming in Picard: Season 2

John de Lancie as Q

Paramount John de Lancie as Q

The last time “Star Trek” saw John de Lancie, it was not jousting against his favorite sparring partner, Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). It was on the animated “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” and it was just for a brief moment. The character is most closely associated with Picard and “The Next Generation” and has also appeared on “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager.”

As Trek fans know, the entity Q is part of a race of beings that can do nearly anything. Much like that famous snap by Thanos in the Marvel films, Q and his kind can snap their fingers and change reality. In fact, these beings are not mortal or humanoid. Like the way the Greek gods showed themselves to humans in myth, the Q Continuum presents themselves as humans to interact with us. 

Thanos vs. Q

Now, thanks to the trailers, multiple advertisements, and social media posts, most fans are aware that de Lancie’s devilish laugh will be back, this time, as a part of the second season of “Star Trek: Picard.” 

In a group interview with journalists, de Lancie explained why Q keeps popping up to meddle in human affairs.

“Perhaps it’s a desire … my part for you all to be better,” de Lancie said. “To just be more human… better than what you’ve been in the past. In “[Encounter at] Farpoint,” I say, ‘why do you deserve to be out here?’ It is that teacher who you have a hate and love relationship with, but they make you better. They challenge you more.”

Though Q might be interested in human affairs in general, there’s one human who he’s locked onto — Picard. In the past, Q played mind games with Picard and made the Starfleet captain jump through hoops to show him some lessons. For “Picard,” de Lancie says the stakes are higher, and this time, the god needs the admiral’s help. 

“What I need to have Picard go through now actually affects me,” said de Lancie. “It’s a different look, yet if you consider this a diamond, and you’re cutting different facets, it’s just yet another facet and I think an interesting one.”

“This time, I don’t even have the time to screw around too much,” he said. “Time is of the essence — that’s what you’re getting in this show right now. We have to do this now because you don’t have much time, old man!”

‘Picard’ Season 2 Trailer

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That says a lot. Since the last time Picard dealt with Q, the stakes were the very end of humanity. In the series finale of “The Next Generation,” Q challenged Picard to solve a mystery through three eras of time. Picard had to expand his understanding of how time worked to solve the riddle and save humanity. “All Good Things…” has since gone down as one of the very best episodes of Trek.

This could mean that if the stakes are higher from the point of view of Q, then perhaps his own life might be threatened in some way. This could be why he chose Picard for help — this “old man” was able to best or beat Q multiple times 30 years ago and could be vital in helping Q in this series. 

But de Lancie says there are more reasons why Q continues to come back to Picard. Though Q is arrogant and self-centered, de Lancie says there is affection for the old human (now android) captain. 

“I think that there’s a genuine love for him,” said de Lancie. “And in a way, I think that he has that for me. Remember, I am a being that is in need of a lot and looking for a lot. This is a relationship that I might be somewhat difficult to be with. I feel that I am very caring.” 

“In this particular time, it’s really important,” he said. “I need for him to do something because, in fact, on top of everything else, it’s connected very much to what I need personally.”

‘All Good Things…’

Star Trek TNG – All good things must come to an endQ and Picard while the last Enterprise is fighting the time anomaly2011-08-06T18:30:55Z

He says that even though fans will recognize the characters they love from the past, this show does not recreate the glory days from “The Next Generation.” Things are different. 

“It is a darker show,” said de Lancie. “And certainly, the character that I am playing now is a lot less whimsical. It would be kind of unseemly at this age to be trying to recreate what was done 20-some years ago.”

“in that respect, the best of the ‘Star Trek’ shows I did in the past, and the best were always about big philosophical questions, is also the case here in ‘Picard.’”

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