Photos From the Set of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 & What They Might Mean

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Paramount Plus officially confirmed that “Star Trek: Picard” will be getting a third season at Star Trek Day 2021. However, fans have known that the show will continue after the upcoming second season for quite some time, thanks to a slip of the tongue by “Picard” actor John de Lancie. In May of 2021, he accidentally revealed that seasons two and three were being filmed back to back.

Since production on the third season began, co-showrunner Terry Matalas has been posting pictures from the set to his Twitter account every so often. Though the pics are vague, fans can glean some interesting information about the third season from them.

A New Ship?

The majority of the pictures Matalas has posted are shots of various control panels on a Starfleet ship. The most notable thing about these images is that the style of the control panels is very similar to the control panels on the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The control panels certainly don’t look like the super sophisticated ones on La Sirena, the ship that Jean-Luc Picard and his crew spent most of their time on in season one.

These images suggest that Picard’s crew of ex-Starfleet misfits might be piloting a different ship in the third season. Though the second season definitely involves time travel, as confirmed by the trailers, it’s unclear whether the third season will also be set in a different time period.

The images of the ship seem to suggest that they’ll be on an older Starfleet vessel in the third season, but time travel might not be the reason. Perhaps the crew will need to use an older ship for a specific reason in the upcoming season. Or perhaps they encounter a new character whose ship is an older model.

Regardless of the reason, it’s interesting to see a return to more classic “Star Trek” aesthetics.

An Encounter With the Terran Empire?

Big speculation ahead. This control panel looks quite different from the others Matalas posted. Fans of TNG might also notice that it also looks quite different from Enterprise-D/E era control panels. The control panels on the 24th-century Enterprise ships all had a muted color scheme — lots of beige, lavender, mint green, salmon, and light blue. Bold reds were pretty much reserved for warning screens.

The “Warp Drive Offline” control panel image that Matalas posted doesn’t match the TNG-era color scheme at all. The red makes sense because it’s an alert screen. However, the black, gold, and red color scheme doesn’t look like a TNG-era control panel at all. It is, however, reminiscent of the red, black, and gold color scheme of the “Star Trek: Discovery” era Terran Empire.

Again, this is pure speculation, and it’s a pretty big leap. But if the contemporary “Star Trek” shows have taught fans anything, it’s that anything is possible in the Trekverse.

Aliens Having a Good Time

Matalas has posted some more random pictures as well, like this shot of one of the actors eating lunch with their prosthetics half on. The horns emerging from the actor’s mask hint that he’s a Tellarite. These aliens are common in the Trekverse, especially in the new shows. So, the presence of one on set doesn’t give fans any hints about season three. However, it’s always fun to see an alien eating lunch.

He also posted a shot of a neon sign, like the ones at bars, advertising “Arcanis Lager.” In the caption, he asked Trek fans if they recognized the beverage. Ardent fans of “Star Trek: The Original Series” probably. A similar sign hung at Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy’s favorite bar on Earth, which was featured in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.”

The existence of the sign on the set of “Picard” season three doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a tie-in to McCoy’s favorite bar since a similar sign probably hung in many Earth bars in the 24th century. It’s a cool Easter egg nonetheless.

The second season of “Picard” premieres in February of 2022, so the third season is quite a long way away. Hopefully, Matalas and other insiders will continue to drop hints during the production process.

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