New Documentary Featuring William Shatner Sheds New Light on UAPs, UFOs

William Shatner and “A Tear In The Sky”

OMNIUM MEDIA William Shatner and “A Tear In The Sky”

The truth is out there. That is according to a well-thought-of 1990s science fiction television series. Thanks to “The X-Files,” the idea of the truth being hidden in plain sight became part of pop culture. Through the “X-Files,” viewers watched two FBI agents scour through documents and ask dangerous questions to find out “the truth.”

In a way, the theme of that old show is precisely what is in play in the new documentary “A Tear in the Sky,” which tackles the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) question head-on. But instead of assembling old footage and interviewing people who have seen something odd in the sky, the story behind “A Tear in the Sky” is very different.

Navy ‘Tic Tac’ Footage

The film’s crew, which was made up of scientists, researchers, inventors, and former Navy crewmen, went out to find the truth. Led by executive producer Caroline Cory, this team used the best technology available to civilians to see if they could find evidence of “the truth.” 

The mission to learn what was happening in the skies of Southern California was what attracted William Shatner to the project. The star of “Star Trek: The Original Series” and much more is known for his thirst for knowledge and endless curiosity. 

Heavy spoke with Cory by phone, and she explained that she made the film to shed light on the so-called “Tic Tac” UAPs. These were the craft filmed by U.S. Navy pilots and ships in 2004. The footage was released to the public in 2020, and Congress is planning to hold more hearings about the situation on May 17, 2022.

“I thought, okay, the idea is to bring science to measure to validate what we’re observing,” said Cory. “I could not find any scientists or group or government agency or anything that did anything remotely close to a scientific investigation. So that convinced me even more that this is the time, this is the way to do it. And I’m just going to do it!”

‘A Tear In The Sky’ Trailer

A TEAR IN THE SKY – Official Trailer- COMING May 3rd, 2022WATCH ON: Amazon, AppleTV, Google Play, VUDU and more. SEE ALL THE PLATFORMS: SUBTITLES: Click on the "settings" icon (next to "cc") – Select "Auto-Translate" – Select Language. This award-winning documentary A TEAR IN THE SKY takes you on an unprecedented journey into the UFO / UAP phenomenon. A team of military personnel, scientists…2022-04-04T18:28:03Z

Cory’s team set up in three locations in Southern California, close to where the U.S.S. Nimitz, U.S.S. Princeton and the fighter jets detected and filmed the UAPs in 2004. They used some of the most sophisticated scanning technology available, including radar, infrared, ultraviolet, and other newly-invented gadgets, to try to capture evidence of the UAPs. 

And incredibly — they did it. Cory and her team, which included members of the Navy who were part of the original detection in 2004 (who formed a group called UAPx to investigate this phenomenon further), Kevin H. Knuth, Ph.D., and Matthew M. Szydagis, Ph.D. (of the University at Albany, SUNY), actually filmed what looked like the Tic-Tac UAPs operating near Catalina Island in California.

Cory said that she hopes her work pushes the government to disclose more information on what they know regarding the UAP situation.

“There’s definitely something happening,” said Cory. “I’m hoping that my film is going to push them to really show us the data because, if we were able to do this in five days, and we’ve only shown a few things that we captured in the film. It’s an hour and a half film, but we ended up with hundreds of hours of data.” 

“So imagine what the government must have,” said Cory. “I mean, they have satellites, radar, and all sorts of equipment, monitoring the skies — 24/7. We’re civilians, and in five days, we captured this?”

Cory said that her interest in UFOs and other explained phenomena has been a passion for years and has been the subject of her other projects in the past. So, for her, Shatner’s involvement made perfect sense, as he, too, has many of the same interests.

‘60 Minutes’ and the ‘Tic Tac’ UAPs

Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOsBill Whitaker reports on the regular sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, that have spurred a report due to Congress next month. "60 Minutes" is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still…2021-05-17T00:03:47Z

“There are certain mysteries that science just hasn’t caught up with yet, and he’s just so fascinated by all of this,” said Cory of Shatner. “So it was very easy to talk about the potential and the possibilities. And if you notice, in the film, he always gives us the angle of the bigger picture, which I liked. I wasn’t expecting him to tell me scientifically how the data we were collecting made sense.” 

“I thought he was a perfect bridge between what we’re doing in terms of science and reaching the mainstream,” said Cory. “And, he’s very funny. We really had a blast filming with him. He was perfect for what we needed in the film.”

Toward the end of the film, the crew captured something which could have been something very easily explained away or something else which only exists in comic books, movies, and shows like “Star Trek.” 

“It looks like a hole that is opening and then closing,” said Dr. Szydagis in the film. “We called it a wormhole, which obviously got me extremely excited.”

Cory said she is satisfied with the work and the outcome of their five-day mission. She hopes that it will open the minds of those who watch the film and possibly get the public to ask more questions to the government.

“I think what this film actually proves is that if we civilians were able to capture that amount and that type of anomalies in the sky — I want people to know that this is a real phenomenon, and we are not a government agency with some agenda,” said Cory “We are just trying to bring out the truth. So I want people just to be more open to listening to the conversation, and encourage more scientists also to be open to the conversation to bring more validation and more information about what these objects may be.”

“A Tear in the Sky” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming services. More information about the film is available on their website

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