‘Survivor 42’ Villain Escapes Yet Another Tribal Council Unscathed

Survivor 42 episode 4

CBS The three tribes of "Survivor 42" line up at the reward/immunity challenge in episode 4.

It’s time, folks – another episode of “Survivor 42” is finally here. Last week focused heavily on the Taku and Vati tribes, and neglected much mention of Ika. As a result, we’re hoping that this week will shed a little more light on what’s going on over at Team Blue. To recap: Vati and Ika are down to five, and both are struggling to maintain tribal unity. Episode previews have hinted that Taku is remaining strong with only four members left, so surely we will get to see the strength of Taku shine through here too.

The description for tonight’s episode, “Vibe of the Tribe,” is as follows: “One castaway paints a target on their back when they attempt to pit their tribemates against one another. Also, one tribe dives their way to victory after piecing together a big win in the immunity challenge.”

Who will be the unlucky one who painted a big target on their back? Who will be the fifth person eliminated from “Survivor 42”? Follow along with our live blog below.

Be forewarned of spoilers!

All times Eastern.

8:05 – Over at Vati, after last week’s dramatic Tribal Council, Daniel apologizes to the Tribe for letting his alliance down and not going to rocks. “I just feel like I totally, totally screwed everything up,” he says. Oof. Daniel probably fulfilling his prophecy that he won’t exactly succeed at the game. Hai determines that, basically because it was just a giant mess, everyone was blindsided at Tribal.

Privately, Mike assures Hai that Daniel no longer has his trust. Also, Daniel is frustrated that Chanelle is getting off scot-free for basically tanking Jenny that night. In short, Vati is a mess.

8:15 – The challenge is for fish, but the best part is (once again) Maryanne’s reactions to who was voted out on Vati (we get it Maryanne, we were pretty stunned too).

In the challenge, Taku is moving like clockwork, accurately reflecting the cohesion the four of them have at camp. Oh, and having Jonathan on their team doesn’t exactly hurt. Considering how only one tribe wins reward this time, all the pressure is on these four, but by the third ball, it feels like the other two tribes should just give up, honestly. Taku wins reward (duh)!

Both tribes are baffled as to how Taku got through the challenge so quick. “How the f*** are they so fast?” Mike says. Taku confirms their bond, with Jonathan telling host Jeff Probst, “We have such a solid four.” Ooh, foreshadowing perhaps? We’ll see if these four can remain solid until, and after, the merge.

8:20 – At Taku, Maryanne and Omar are concerned that Jonathan spoke about their bond so publicly. Jonathan is worried about how Tori (who he calls the “blonde-headed girl”) called him “Goliath.” No kidding. Tori sure knows how to paint a target.

At Ika, cracks are showing. Romeo is annoyed by Rocksroy, and Tori and Swati (the only two left of the young people’s alliance) are plotting against Drea. However, they need a third. However, all three are pretty problematic allies, particularly Rocksroy. Tori is now pretending to befriend Rocksroy, which is hilarious in its disingenuity. However, the feeling is mutual: Rocksroy is not interested in Tori either. And – uh-oh – Swati, who doesn’t want to go down on a sinking ship, is turning on her too. “As much as I would like to work with her,” she says, “I’m not going to go down with her.” Damn – hardcore, Swati.

8:35 – Oh, God. At the immunity challenge, Maryanne is repeating her (iconic) “bunny rabbit in the mailbox” story. Although she recites it, in her words, “masterfully” (God bless her), much to her dismay, no one says their own phrase in response. Oh, Maryanne. Some day.

My guess is that Taku’s gonna win this one. Okay, now let’s see what the challenge is.

It’s a water challenge, where two tribemates have to swim a boat to a structure in the middle of the water. Yeah, you heard that right. Just like you’d think, Maryanne is left behind the boat as Jonathan tugs theirs forward. Omar then gets his first key, but keeps pushing it away with every stroke in the water. Amazing.

Once again, Taku is leagues ahead of the game. They’re at the puzzle before the other two have even left the key portion. Taku is finished half their puzzle before the other two have started, but there’s a lot of pieces…this could be tight.

Vati’s making their way back in it, closing a huge gap they made earlier. And…TAKU WINS IMMUNITY!! Phew. It’s down to Vati and Ika, and it’s close. Coming from dead last to being on the verge of winning, Vati just barely ekes it out! Ika was only two pieces shy, but it’ll be a world of hurt as they have to go to Tribal tonight. One of Ika’s five members will be going home. And privately, Tori’s considering playing her Shot in the Dark.

8:45 – Scramble time. At Ika, Rocksroy is fuming. “We’re a disaster,” he says, privately wanting to get rid of Tori. Tori’s doing what Tori does best and throws her ally under the bus, telling Romeo that Swati had told her, Tori, about the alliance of the other four against Tori. Privately, Drea and Romeo realize that Swati is playing all sides, telling at least those two that they are her “number one.” Come to find out she told Tori the same thing….ouch. Maybe Swati’s thrown herself under the bus…

Now Swati’s trying to reciprocate. She tells Drea that Tori told Rocksroy about Drea’s extra vote, implying that she, Tori, planned to “blindside” Drea. This leads Drea and Romeo to deliberate between Tori and Swati, though Rocksroy is still intent on Tori. Will Tori manage to scramble her way out of another one? Or will this be her night?

8:55 – At Tribal, Drea takes her sweet…ass….time….telling Jeff what the “Vibe of the Tribe” is (didn’t know a title could come from Jeff’s quotes! Maybe that’s another first). Swati is determined and vocal that she won’t go home, while therapist Tori informs the tribe that Swati is a master of projection. Once again, whatever alliance Tori has formed is imploding on itself. If you ask me, this girl ain’t playing a winning game. The two young women are absolutely going head-to-head, and by the time it’s time to vote, it’s honestly impossible to say who it’ll be…though I have a sinking feeling Tori will escape this one too.

Drea is taking her time at the booth, so clearly not everyone is fully decided yet.

Uh-oh. Swati is playing her Shot in the Dark, meaning she’s sacrificed her vote. Is she safe? Jeff will open the scroll…and she is….NOT SAFE. A wry little smile forms on Tori’s face as Swati receives one vote, two votes, and three, sending her out of the game. Rocksroy, surely like much of the audience, is shaking his head in shock and disappointment. It looks like Tori has managed to dodge yet another bullet. But how long will this good luck keep up for her? Only time will tell.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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