Fans Gush Over ‘Thirst Trap’ Photo of Cole DeBoer’s Older Brother

Cole DeBoer

YouTube/MTV Cole DeBoer on MTV

Brock DeBoer has managed to stay out of the spotlight despite the fact that his brother, “Teen Mom’s” Cole DeBoer, is a reality TV star. But that hasn’t stopped “Teen Mom” fans from hunting down his social media.

Brock works as an artist in Los Angeles and writes in his Instagram bio that porcelain is his medium when it comes to art. His Instagram photos feature pieces from porcelain shoes to porcelain phones and basketballs.

But while art appears to be Brock’s main focus, some “Teen Mom” fans are more concerned with his looks.

A Reddit thread created on February 26, 2022, was titled, “Cole’s brother does some really interesting porcelain art. He also dabbles in thirst traps.”

In the comments section, one person wrote, “Dabbles in thirst traps lmao. He looks like if Elon musk and Cole had a kid.”

Others were clearly enticed by the artwork, itself, with one person writing, “Ok I need the phone. If doesn’t match anything I own, but it’s so pretty.” And, “I actually really like that big flower vase.”

This isn’t the first time fans have lusted over pictures of the artist heartthrob. In November 2021, fans similarly wrote on Reddit, “I understand how genetics work, but dang, Cole & his brother are carbon copies,” said a fan.

Another wrote, “Cole’s bro is so cute.”

And a third commented, “I just need to know if Cole’s brother is single,” one of the most popular comments read. Brock DeBoer, however, is not single.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brock Has Extensive Knowledge of Ceramic Materials and Processes

According to his website, Brock’s art is inspired by items from his childhood– from sneakers and Nintendos to payphones.

His ‘About’ page reads, “Many are highly nostalgic to his generation and beyond touching on many facets of everyday life. DeBoer sees these collections and still lifes as self-portraits and tangible memories of another time and place.”

The page continues, “With the use of classical blue and white motifs of cobalt patterns with luscious gold accents, DeBoer’s casts become suspended somewhere in the past and present. He allows the viewer to become lost in memory, as well as the extreme craft and finishes of his precise reproductions.”

Brock Is in a Relationship

Brock was born in South Dakota in 1985 and currently lives and works in both Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California.

Unfortunately for those who think he’s a “thirst trap,” though, the 37-year-old recently celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary in Joshua Tree.

He captioned the pic, “At our home and studio on our 10th wedding anniversary in Joshua Tree, California with our Pekingese Brick and Block. I love you to the moon and back @colleen_deboer can’t wait to see where we are at 20 years!!!”

The couple was featured on the Cerbera Gallery website, where the company wrote that Brock and his wife, Colleen, are a “husband and wife design and manufacturing team, graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute.”

The piece on Brock and his wife continued, “We create goods for everyday use in our Kansas City home studio. Inspired by fashion and design schemes from the past and present our goal is to provide our customers with items that will brighten any room or wardrobe.”

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