PHOTOS: Chelsea Houska DeBoer Shows Off Post-Baby Body

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska is serious about getting fit.

“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska is serious about getting fit. The mother-of-four, who welcomed her baby girl Walker June in February, is embarking on a 75-day fitness challenge. The star is trying to drink more water, exercise every day and limit her alcohol intake.

She shared her fitness plan on Instagram: “Every day for 75 days: 45 min workout every day; drink 1 gallon of water; at a healthy diet; read ten pages of a book; only drink [alcohol] on social occasions.”

Houska, 29, is a Peloton user and shared a photo to her Instagram stories on August 12 — day four of her fitness challenge — which showed her doing a class instructor Christine D’Ercole.

The ex MTV star didn’t reveal where she found this challenge, but she posted her plan to her Instagram highlights. She’s also been updating fans throughout the process, sharing photos of her Peloton workouts and filling up her gallon-sized water bottle.

The South Dakota native joked that she works out in silence since she jumps on the bike while her children sleep during the day. “Working out in the dark and silence because nap time,” she wrote on Instagram, according to screenshots posted to Reddit.

Some fans praised Houska’s toned look.

“She looks awesome! Who gives a shit if she wears makeup to workout,” one person wrote, slamming viewers who criticized Houska for wearing foundation.

“Good for Chelsea!” another added. “She’s got a great IG following and truly seems happy.”

It Was ‘Hard’ For Houska To Embrace Her Body Changing During Pregnancy

Weeks before Walker was born, Houska took to Instagram to share with her followers how she had been “embracing” her pregnant body. The star admitted it wasn’t easy, admitted that sometimes she felt “insecure.”

“I’m gonna be honest, it can be HARD. It’s new, it doesn’t feel like yourself sometimes and it’s not what you’re used to seeing OR feeling. (Ow my back and vag),” the mother-of-four wrote on her Instagram stories, per screenshots shared by In Touch. “Whenever I’m feeling insecure during pregnancy, I *TRY* to stop and take a minute to remember to be grateful to my body for creating LIFE.”

“But I 1000 percent have my moments of crying or looking at myself being like WOAH THESE BOOBS,” she continued. “Or holy s***, this belly is huge.”

It Was Important For Houska to Reveal Her Early Post-Baby Body

Houska is embarking on a strict fitness challenge, but that’s seven months after she gave birth to Walker. In the days and weeks after she had her fourth child, Houska posted pictures of her body that showed her belly.

“I felt so insecure after all my other babies and like just seeing other people’s bodies, it seems like other people just like snap right back and it was confusing,” she told In Touch in an exclusive interview on March 5. “And this time I just didn’t feel that way.”

“Sharing just the whole process felt important to me. And I felt confident enough and secure enough in myself to do that this time,” she continued to the outlet. “Whereas the other times I was also feeling insecure so I can relate to that also.”

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