Reddit Jumps on Jenelle Evans’ New TikTok Video

Jenelle Evans

Instagram Jenelle Evans posts about her body on TikTok.

Jenelle Evans‘ new TikTok video drew praise on the platform but raised the ire of commenters on Reddit.

Evans captioned the new social media post, uploaded on December 12, 2021, “My hair is my best accessory.” In the video — part of a TikTok “Pretend” trend that started in late October in which people show dramatic transformations in their appearances — she pulls up the waist of her pants and pulls down the hem of her tank top to cover her stomach, then takes her hair out of her ponytail and tosses it around.

The background audio plays: “What do you do on those days that you don’t feel that confident or fearless or powerful like you did out there? Fake it. Until we make it? I mean, why not.”

The video raked in over 956,000 views within four hours.

Multiple people commented on the TikTok video, and most of the comments were positive. One person wrote, “Damn I wish I had your hair, it’s beautiful!!!!” Another wrote, “you have grown into such a beautiful women & mom. from someone who watched you from the start I never thought you’d make it here. so proud.”

On Reddit, however, fans weren’t as kind.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Commenters Attack Jenelle Evans’ Hair

On Reddit, users attacked Evans’ video. One person wrote, “Is her hair thinning even more? Her hair looks almost all wig now. It used to be a little more natural before.”

Another added, “Just get bangs jfc.” A third wrote, “It’s interesting to see how proud Jenelle was of her ‘thick’ new body but now she’s acting unhappy about it.”

For months now, Evans’ has been fielding body-shamers. In May 2021, per The Sun, she posted a photo in a bikini and captioned it, “Mom bod.”

After critics attacked Evans’ figure, she posted a video saying that she is happier with her current size, per The Sun. In the video, she said, “Back in 2015 I started gaining weight and also I was being cheated on. And this is when I was feeling totally insecure and feeling like I needed to something about my body or I wouldn’t be loved.”

She wrapped up, “Happy wife, happy life. Strut your stuff. Happier is better, and no, I’m not pregnant – just happy.”

David Eason Posted an ‘Intimate’ Photo of His Wife

On December 11, 2021, Evans’ husband, David Eason, posted a nude throwback photo of his wife showering while on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to The Sun.

The photo was captioned, “My favorite place in the world and my favorite person in my favorite picture,” the outlet reported.

Fans were not pleased with the post. According to the outlet, one person wrote, “This just says he misses free vacations and Jenelle’s old body. If that was his favorite, it says a lot about their current situation.”

Not long after Eason posted the picture, Evans posted a TikTok with the caption, “No, I will not leave my husband.”

One person commented on the video, “Jenelle… he literally unalived your dog. Like… what,” referencing the incident in which Eason confirmed he killed the family’s dog.

Another added, “trauma bond with a narcissist is an addiction. Victims need to realize this themselves. It doesn’t matter that everyone else sees it.”

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