Kailyn Lowry Admits to Pushing Ex in Lawsuit Deposition

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry admitted to pushing her ex during a deposition for her lawsuit against Briana DeJesus.

“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry admitted to pushing her ex during a deposition for her lawsuit against Briana DeJesus.

During the February 17, 2022, deposition, DeJesus’ lawyer, Marc Randazza, showed Lowry a 2013 article from Hollywood Life. The title reads, “Kailyn Hits Javi During Exclusive Fight.”

“Did you ever hit him?” Randazza asked Lowry about her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

“I pushed him, yes,” Lowry answered.

“So is this — so far what you can see on the screen, is this article accurate?” Randazza said in his next question.

“I would say no because I didn’t hit him,” Lowry said. “I pushed him.”

Lowry said she has since made amends with her ex. “I definitely regret my reaction to what I did to my ex-husband. I absolutely am remorseful,” she said. “I have apologized both publicly and privately, so I think I’m at a place where I can face the music and talk about it and I am okay.”

When it came to being asked if she hit her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, Lowry said no.

Lowry Said There Was a Difference Between Domestic Violence & Offensive Touching

Lowry drew a distinction between “offensive touching” and “domestic violence” during the deposition while reading headlines of various news articles that were written about her September 2020 arrest. She was charged with offensive touching, though they were dropped in January 2021.

She and Lopez share two children: 4-year-old Lux and 20-month-old Creed.

“’Domestic Violence’ is a separate offense from ‘Offensive Touching,'” she said in the deposition. “I was not arrested for domestic violence.”

Lowry was then asked to clarify the difference.

“’Domestic violence,’ from my understanding is when a partner abuses their significant other. I believe that if I was charged with domestic violence, that would have been the charge that I was turning myself in for,” she said.

Lowry reasoned that the incident with Lopez wasn’t domestic violence because it didn’t happen.

“I would describe it as all lies, and it’s not — I didn’t offensively touch him or put my hands on him. I wouldn’t call it a domestic incident, because it didn’t occur,” she said in the deposition, according to the transcript.

“I believe that ‘offensive touching’ is essentially like a disorder, maybe like a disorderly conduct unfairly or I think ‘offensive touching’ is probably something from pushing or shoving all the way to — I don’t know,” she continued, according to the transcript. “I am clearly not an expert. I explained what I thought it was.”

Lowry Said Lopez Almost Took Her Life

When talking about the PFA (protection from abuse) order Lowry had against Lopez in September 2020, she disclosed why she got the PFA in the first place.

“Chris almost killed me in October of 2019,” she told DeJesus’ lawyer.

Before Lowry’s arrest, she and Lopez got into a fight over their son’s haircut. Lowry was upset that Lopez cut Lux’s hair without her consent. According to the “Teen Mom 2” star, Lopez had a fiery response. “Chris definitely said that I’m lucky that he didn’t f****** scalp my son,” she said during the deposition.

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