PHOTO: Leah Messer’s Fans Say Daughter Looks Like Her Twin

Leah Messer

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer posted a photo with one of her 11-year-old daughters.

“Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer posted a selfie with Aleeah, one of her 11-year-old twin daughters, and asked fans via Instagram on December 5, 2021, if they looked like “twins.”

The following day, 97% of responders agreed that Messer and her daughter had similar features.

Messer, 29, gently touched the top of her daughter’s head and smiled for the camera. She played Adele’s song, “My Little Love,” in the background. “I see your eyes widen like an ocean,” the lyrics say at the bottom of the clip.

While an overwhelming majority of fans on Instagram agreed that Aleeah looked like Messer’s twins, social media users on Reddit weren’t as convinced. In fact, some people said that Messer was being conceited.

“Am I being weird that this post comes off super vain? Like you WISH you were Aleeah’s twin. But also Aleeah already has a twin, Ali,” one person wrote.

“When I see Aleeah alone on a photo I accidentally mistake her for Leah sometimes. But now they’re together I don’t think they look alike. (On this photo),” another said.

A few people remarked that Aleeah looked just like her father, Messer’s ex-husband Corey Simms. “Eh. Of course they look alike but to an extent,” read one popular comment. “Leah’s features are very ‘pointy’ and Aleah’s are more squared off. To me Aleeah looks more like Corey in the face but has Leah’s light color.”

Ali Took Her Last Ride With Her ‘Favorite Horse’

Days before appearing on Instagram stories with Aleeah, the “Teen Mom 2” star posted a photo of her other twin daughter.

When she was a baby, Ali was diagnosed with titin myopathy muscular dystrophy, a disease that causes loss of muscle mass and progressive weakness. One of the forms of therapy she has used to strengthen her muscles was equine-assisted therapy.

The “Teen Mom 2” star didn’t say why Ali and the horse were not doing to be working together anymore, but someone in the comments section noted the horse was heading into retirement.

“Ali’s last ride on her favorite horse. He introduced her to an activity she has fallen in love with, gets to participate in with her sisters, and has made such a huge difference in her core muscle strength,” Messer wrote. “Such a #BitterSweetMoment for my girl.”

“Fun Fact: Equine-assisted therapy encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health,” the West Virginia native added.

Messer is also the mother of 8-year-old Addie, who she shares with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Messer Blasted Rumors She Was ‘Missing’

After taking a little bit of a hiatus from social media, some fans started to wonder what happened to Messer, considering she had been active on platforms like Instagram.

Rumors bubbled that she was “missing,” which the mother-of-three dismissed when one of her friends jokingly shared a flyer that said, “Have you seen this person?”

As noted by The Sun, Messer posted the flyer on her own page and wrote: “I’m done with you,” and included a laughing emoji.

She then went on Instagram and said she was “NOT missing.

“Just a little downtime for self-care,” she said, per The Sun. “I’m doing so good!”

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