Update on Amber Portwood Since Her Fallout From Gary Shirley

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood has moved on since fighting with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood has moved on since fighting with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley. The star has revealed she was studying for her degree at Purdue University.

“Goodmorning everyone ☕ We may not be able to change our past but we can definitely change our future!” she wrote via Instagram on July 16. “Proud Student at #PurdueUniversityGlobal sending love💕 Let’s try and have a good day and be proud you are trying to be a better you!”

During her first semester at college, Portwood received a 3.7 GPA. “It’s been a journey, an amazing journey, and I doubted myself for a while but thank you guys so much for your support,” she said on July 13.

Portwood, 30, has also been working on her diet and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The star admitted to slipping up during the Fourth of July. “That BBQ broke my diet but it was well worth it @devious_diva_beauty. Loved it girl mwah💋 another cookout soon! Btw check out her insta everyone! Sending love,” she wrote on July 7.

Portwood Wanted to Motivate Others Who Are in College

Portwood knows she has a lot of years in college in front of her, but she doesn’t want to give up. She wanted to offer advice to people who might in a similar situation during an April 26 post.

“For the people just like me where it seems like just everybody just has an opinion on your life because maybe you have a really rough past and you’re at the point where you’re trying to pick yourself back up and actually make something of yourself and do better in your life… opinions of people who are just negative and ignorant it doesn’t matter because the only opinion that really matters is yours,” she said. “Knowing what you did wrong and picking yourself back up and then sitting there moving forward, that’s what is something that is the key to wisdom.”

“For me, it’s been a lot of different thing,” she continued. “I’ve used my platform to sit there and help people out by just talking to them so far. But now I get to go to college. Now I get to go to school.”

“It might take me eight years and that scares the crap out of me to get where I really want to be but it’s going to be for the better,” Portwood finished. “So just listen to yourself and keep moving.”

Portwood Fell Out With Gary Shirley During the ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion

Things between Portwood and her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley had been going well up until the “Teen Mom OG” reunion in April. Portwood blamed Shirley’s wife, Kristina, for putting a wedge between their relationship. She was especially upset about the relationship between Kristina Shirley and Leah, the 12-year-old daughter she shares with Gary Shirley.

“You said I could trust you, and I did trust you,” Portwood told her ex at the reunion. “But I can’t trust your wife… She has got in the way of me and my daughter, over and over and over again.”

“Your wife is absolutely horrible…” she said. “I really hope in the future we can have a good relationship, but me and Kristina … it’s not going to be like that.”

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