EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Iaconetti Is Pregnant & She and Jared Haibon Told Us EVERYTHING

Getty Images Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon.

Ashley Iaconetti is pregnant! The “Bachelor in Paradise” star and her husband, Jared Haibon, announced the exciting news in an Amazon Live on Thursday, July 15, 2021. Heavy caught up with the parents-to-be and got the inside scoop on the next Bachelor Nation baby to join the family.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley & Jared Got Pregnant 7 Months After They Started Trying

Ashley and Jared have been pretty candid about their pregnancy journey, often sharing updates on social media. They tried for seven months before they got the news they’ve been hoping for.

Heavy: How did you find out? Did you have symptoms that led you to believe that THIS was the real deal?
AI: My boobs were really sore. More so than usual before my period. So, the day before I was supposed to get my period, I took a pregnancy test — which I usually don’t do. And it was a fine line, and we were like ‘oh. Mmhmm.” So then we took a few more…
Jared Haibon: It raised an eyebrow.
AI: We took a few more, and the one that said “pregnant/not pregnant” was the nail in the coffin.
JH: And she missed her period. So, the combination of everything led us to the path we are on right now.

H: Was there any point that you got nervous that it wasn’t going to happen naturally? If so, how did you stay positive?
AI: Well, my doctor was very assuring…she was not worried for us. She said, ‘after a year, you can come in and we can run tests.’ We were thinking about doing a sperm analysis for Jared, just because one in three infertility issues…
JH: Well, we weren’t thinking about doing it. We were going to do it, but then she became pregnant.
AI: Yeah, so. The month before he was going to do it, that happened! Yeah, one in three or four… are from the guy. The issue is coming from the guy. So it’s just, like, a nice, really easy, non-invasive way.
JH: Once we started getting to three, four, five months, it was like, ‘okay, wow. This might take a lot longer than anticipated. And we just got really lucky that the seventh month was the key!

H: Is there one thing that you learned throughout the process of trying to conceive that you wish you knew beforehand?
AI: I think I wish, I mean, I kinda knew this, I didn’t want to get acne, so I didn’t get off my [birth control] pill for a while, until we were ready to conceive. But, if I had to redo things, I probably would have gotten off the pill a little bit earlier. Not that my cycle didn’t get normal right off the bat, because I was very lucky that it did. It doesn’t always happen like that. But it did take a while for my hormones to balance out. I was losing hair, and stuff like. I was working with a naturopathic doctor, and she had some concerns that I probably wouldn’t get pregnant until those hormones started to balance out. So, I think that may have contributed to a few months, but who knows?
JH: And, for me, I’m just a guy. So, it was more like ‘okay you just gotta be ready to go at this time and this date. And it’s like, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom!

The Reactions Were Priceless

H: How did you (Ashley) tell Jared the news?
AI: I didn’t do anything cutesy. I literally walked out of the bathroom, and was like, ‘so I took a pregnancy test, and there’s a fine line. And it says that a fine line means you’re pregnant.’ 

H: Who (out of family/friends) had the best reaction to the news? Details please!
JH: Oh, Lauren. Your sister.
AI: Well, my dad was such my dad. He was like ‘yeah’ and that was it.
JH: He goes, ‘so, who’s the father?’
AI: My mom couldn’t stop crying. My sister just like, her jaw was literally…open.
JH: And she screamed, which was very endearing.
AI: Your parents were so funny. The facial expression from your parents [were] amazing. Your dad made it seem like you like won the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl.
JH: He’s like, ‘my boy! He’s got the gift! He did it!’

All of the Pregnancy Details

Ashley and Jared told Heavy that they are due on February 10, 2022. While they don’t know the gender of their baby just yet, they are planning on finding out next week.

JH: And we are going to find out. We’re not going to wait.
AI: We don’t know if we’re going to do a gender reveal or anything. I feel like I just need to find out on my own privately.
JH: I’d like some sort of reveal. But, obviously, it’s entirely up to Ashley.
AI: I think for our friends and family, not for us.
AI: We have a boy name picked out. One thousand percent. It was from when I was 20-years-old. But we don’t have a girl name.

H: Do you have any crazy or unusual pregnancy cravings?
AI: Honestly, I don’t think I call them cravings as much as I call them tolerances. Like, sometimes I’ll just be like, ‘oh, okay. That sounds like something I could stomach right now.’ I will say I had a weird — maybe this was a craving — I wanted a Ruby Tuesday salad bar the other day.
JH: That’s weirdly specific.
AI: The next day, I was like, ‘ew that sounds repulsive. I do not want a salad.’

H: How are you dealing with morning sickness?
AI: I don’t even like calling it morning sickness because I think that just diminishes it.
JH: It’s morning, afternoon, evening, and night sickness.
AI: And, if I’m not throwing up, I’m nauseous. And it’s been miserable.
JH: Yeah, she’s had a rough go at it. I feel bad.
AI: I have not enjoyed this pregnancy at all. Like, I don’t understand people. Like, I truly don’t get how people can be like, ‘oh, I loved being pregnant.’ Like, it makes me want to punch them in the face!
JH: Well, you are only — you’re not even finished with your first trimester yet. You might really enjoy your second and third trimester. Maybe you won’t be sick.
AI: I can’t imagine I will enjoy it, though. I feel like my body has been taken over by something.
JH: It kind of has been.
AI: And I don’t like being not in control.
JH: Your body has been hijacked.
AI: One thousand percent. That’s the best way of saying it.
As far as Ashley’s pregnancy must-haves, she says that chocolate chip pancakes are the one thing that haven’t “betrayed” her.

H: What are you most excited for WHILE you’re pregnant?
AI: I think the only thing I can think about being excited about while pregnant, I guess the kick. Like, just feeling the baby actually move. Like, ‘oh, you’re alive inside me.’
JH: I think the idea of life growing inside you is pretty incredible.
AI: So, I think once the baby starts being more interactive, it’ll be like, ‘oh, now I know what I’m doing this for.’
JH: And plus, when we go back and get another ultrasound, and we can start seeing the shape of the baby and there’s feet… the baby kicking and me feeling your stomach while the baby is kicking. Those will be special moments.

As far as nursery themes go, Ashley and Jared are preparing to decorate with New England Patriots gear for a boy, and if it’s a girl, it will be “princessy.”

Fans of Ashley and Jared will be thrilled to know that they plan on sharing a ton about their pregnancy. “You’re going to see the nitty gritty,” Ashley told Heavy, adding that she’s “excited” to show everyone what she has looked like over the past several weeks. They are also preparing to do several Amazon Live streams.

H: Have you gotten advice from other Bachelor Nation parents? If so, what’s been the most helpful/useful (and from who)?
AI: “I think Jade helped me the most. I’m even concerned about parenting at the moment, as much as I am just getting through this pregnancy. Jade said that the first trimester is just about surviving. I’ve always thought of her as this strong person who is not phased by her body changing. And, for her to say that to me, makes me feel a lot less alone.
JH: Jade’s the best.

H: What are you each most excited for when it comes to becoming parents?
AI: I think Jared and I share the same sentiment where it’s like we’re really excited to share our loves, our passions, our beliefs with our baby.
JH: Yeah, of course. The things that we loved as kids — sharing them with our kids, I think is going to be one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Jared went on to tell us that he’s particularly excited to share his love of “Star Wars” with his child. He’s also excited about sharing the Marvel MCU, too! Oh, and a must? The Haibon kids will definitely be binge-watching “Boy Meets World.”

And, of Course, There’s ‘The Bachelorette’

Ashley told Heavy that she and Jared have been watching this season “of course” and they both seem convinced that Blake Moynes is going to be the guy that Katie Thurston chooses in the end.

Ashley is also hoping (with the rest of Bachelor Nation) that Michael Allio is cast as the next “Bachelor”!

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