The Real Reason Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon Are Living Apart

Getty Images Ashley Iaconetti has moved in with her parents ahead of her due date.

Ashley Iaconetti has moved to Virginia where she will stay until the birth of her baby boy due in February. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star made the decision to deliver her first child at the hospital where her dad works.

Ashley and Jared just bought a new home in Rhode Island, and they opened their very first coffee shop/bar, but their lives are about to change with their new arrival, who will be making his earth-side appearance in just a few more weeks.

During this time, Ashley explained that she and Jared are living in two separate states. While Ashley stays with her parents ahead of her son’s arrival, Jared is back in Rhode Island keeping the business running.

“Because we’re in the early stages at @audreyscoffeelounge, unfortunately Jared has to spend the majority of this month in Rhode Island running the shop. I miss him so much, but he’ll be flying down every week or so. Even if I was home in RI, he’d still have to be away working 12 hours a day. Big transitions around here! If labor comes on early, he’s an hour flight/6 hour drive away,” Ashley shared in a bumpdate posted on Instagram on January 10, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Said She Felt Most Comfortable Delivering at a Hospital That She Is Familiar With

Ashley sort of always knew that she wanted to deliver at the hospital that her dad works at in Virginia. The familiarity of the hospital has eased some of Ashley’s labor and delivery anxiety, and she felt that this was the best decision for her.

“I decided even before I got pregnant that I wanted to deliver our first child at the hospital that my dad has worked as an anesthesiologist at for the past 28 years,” Ashley explained in a lengthy Instagram post.

“While I knew it would be a bit of a pain in the butt to travel for monthly doctor’s appointments and to leave our life in RI for this chunk of time, I knew doing it this way would make me the most comfortable. Birth has been a top fear of mine that I knew one day I would probably have to face. My dad has known my doctor for decades (I love my OB/GYN practice so much!) and I’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital for school assignments and volunteering. Plus, when your dad is one of the most senior docs in a group of anesthesiologists, the epidural service should be top notch…RIGHT?! Haha. All of this put together, I know this is the right decision for me,” she added.

Not to worry, however. If Ashley goes into labor, she noted that Jared is just an hour plane ride away.

Ashley Revealed That She’s Feeling Much Better as She Nears Her Due Date

Ashley has been very candid about how she’s been feeling throughout her pregnancy, and while the first several weeks (read months) were tough, she’s feeling much better as she nears her due date.

In her Instagram Stories, Ashley shared that she hasn’t vomited in a month, which is pretty much a record for her as she was previously getting sick a lot — sometimes several times a day. She has also been able to tolerate drinking water, which was a huge aversion for her over the past few months. She mentioned how good it felt to be hydrated.

Of course, as she nears the end of her pregnancy, Ashley is feeling all of the other things that are common in the third trimester, from her organs being smooshed, to finding it hard to get comfortable.

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