How the ‘Posting Police’ Prevent ‘Bachelor’ Host from Leaking Spoilers

Jesse Palmer

Getty Jesse Palmer.

Imagine having a bunch of secrets that everybody wants to know, and not being able to tell them. Even worse, you have to communicate with these persistent amateur sleuths regularly without slipping up and giving something away.  That is what the host of “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise” goes through on a daily basis. He opened up about it to Cinema Blend in a recent interview.

Bring in the ‘Post Police’

Former football player and season five bachelor, Jesse Palmer, took over the hosting duties for Chris Harrison after the fallout from the infamous Rachael Kirkconnell controversy. Palmer is still gaining his footing when it comes to navigating his hosting duties, as well as his social media persona.

Palmer told Cinema Blend “In today’s day and age, it’s really tough to keep everything under wraps. But my wife is very… there will be times when I want to post something, and she’s like, ‘You’re not posting that. You can’t post that.’”

Palmer is referring to his wife, Emely Fardo, who he recently renewed vows with in Provence, France. The 43-year-old continued, “So I have like a checklist. [Emely’s] like my Bachelor Posting Police, if you will. Making sure I don’t get in trouble.”

Cinema Blend interviewer, Sean O’Connell, told Palmer, “Jesse, I feel like all of us need someone like that on a daily basis, telling us ‘don’t post that. That’s a terrible idea.’” Palmer was in total agreement, nodding his head and laughing. He then interjected, “Exactly. Right when you’ve just had five tequilas, you think ‘this is great! This is going to get so many followers. This is going to go viral. No, this is going to get you fired.”

Bachelor Nation Fans Want to Know

Palmer is glad to have his wife acting as his “posting police” because Bachelor Nation fans can be relentless when they want some juicy gossip or spicy spoilers. As Cinema Blend explains, “Bachelor Nation is a dedicated bunch. They play the game from their homes almost as closely as the contestants…  Bachelor detectives combing the internet for any clues might (actually, will) translate any information Palmer puts out there, interpreting it in specific ways.”

Because of this, Palmer has to be incredibly careful about what he posts or says online. Cinema Blend poses the question, “Do you know how easy it would be for Jesse Palmer to leak details that he knows about contestants, episodes, and results?” The outlet then answers that question with, “He knows. And his wife Emely Fardo definitely knows. Which is why she closely monitors Palmer’s social media feeds and Twitter account.”

Bachelor Nation fans really can be like detectives. When there’s something they want to know, they are going to doggedly pursue it. Perhaps that is why, in 2015, Social Media Today called bachelor fans a “rabid social community.”

The fans have certainly been known to call things out as they see them, and have even cultivated a conspiracy theory or two. For example, reports that in 2020, a “detective-like” fan got ahold of Natasha Parker’s resume and noted that it had nothing on it about her being an event planner, which is what the show described her profession as being. This, along with an old photo the fan uncovered of Parker hanging out with a producer years prior to her appearance on the show, led the fan to conclude that Parker was a “plant.” The theory gained traction and began to spread on social media.

With some fans digging that deep, it is understandable that Palmer is cautious about everything he posts. Fortunately, his wife is there to help him through it all.

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