Ryan Seacrest: ‘If I Were a Guy, I’d Want to Be’ This Bachelor

Ryan Seacrest

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“On Air with Ryan Seacrest” is a popular radio program with a variety of guests, including members of Bachelor Nation. On the Monday, July 18 episode, Seacrest talked with former “Bachelor” and current “Bachelorette” host, Jesse Palmer. Seacrest’s co-hosts, Sisanie Villaclara and Tanya Rad, were in attendance as well.

Hilarity Ensued…

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Palmer was eloquently explaining how season 19’s two bachelorettes, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are not competing against each other, but are exploring a mutual journey of friendship. After Palmer finished speaking, Seacrest looked in awe for a moment and then suddenly blurted out “If I were a guy, I’d want to be Jesse Palmer.”

Everyone laughed. Then, Rad could not help but point out to Seacrest, “you ARE a guy.” The American Idol host conceded, “yes, I am a guy, but you know what I’m saying.” He then told Palmer that he is going to put his picture up on his refrigerator next to his other source of inspiration, soccer legend, David Beckham.

Palmer replied, “Beckham’s great. He’s got better tattoos than me. Better hair, which is not hard. He doesn’t sunburn like me, he wears clothes that fit, he’s not at stadiums all the time. I mean, you’re setting a high bar.”

Seacrest chuckled and replied, “Hey, I need aspirational goals, you know.”

The conversation then transitioned to Palmer’s recent vow renewal ceremony/second wedding with his wife Emely Fardo in Provence, France. Palmer had called into the show from Spain, which prompted Seacrest to recognize that the show was interrupting his honeymoon.

Seacrest expressed, “I’m really happy you guys are spending some time together. I’m sorry to interrupt your holiday but…”  At that point, Sisanie interjected, “he’s on his honeymoon, technically” which caused Palmer to feign outrage. “Yeah, Ryan, this is my honeymoon,” he declared with a sardonic grin.

Will There Ever Be Two Bachelors?

Prior to all of the comic relief, Seacrest asked Palmer if he thought there would ever be two bachelors, like there are currently two bachelorettes.  Palmer speculated, “Maybe one day. I always wonder, the decision-makers that be, how they go about trying to make it feel new and make it feel fresh. The franchise has been on the air for 20 years.”

Palmer got derailed from his point for a moment when he realized how much that “dated” him, considering that he was the Bachelor all the way back in season five, in 2004. But the former football player circled back around and elucidated, “I think they’re always trying to find new ways to kind of make it feel new and fresh, and as the season goes on, I’d be really curious to know what Bachelor Nation and people at home are thinking as they keep watching, and what our executives think as well. I think there’s definitely a chance we could see two Bachelors down the road.”

Former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, would definitely like to see that. In a June interview with Entertainment Tonight, she stated, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed that it’s two women. I’d like to see the two men go at it.”

Earlier this year, Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” had a similar premise, with a large group of women vying to date two men, with the added twist that one was rich and one was not. So, it has been done before. Time will tell if ABC is willing to go that route.

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