This Performance Made Adam Levine Fall Out of His Chair

Adam Levine The Voice Return


Adam Levine was so floored with this Voice performance that he… ended up on the floor!

When singing duo Dawn & Hawkes, made up of Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes, took the stage for season six of The Voice, Levine was so moved by the performance that he fell out of his chair. Of course, Levine made sure to smack his buzzer before leaving his seat. And he wasn’t the only one taken with the performance (he even called the performance his favorite audition he’d ever seen on the show)– Shakira was also quick to hit her buzzer. Blake and Usher, however, didn’t feel inclined to turn their seats, though the smiles on both their faces suggest they were also impressed by the duo.

Top 10 performance That made coaches Fall Off chairs in The voice Audition 2018Names Contestants AND Songs: 1. Dawn & Hawkes: "I’ve Just Seen a Face" 2. Ash Morgan: "Never Tear Us Apart" 3.James Dupré "Let Her Cry" 4. Stevie McCrorie: "All I Want" 5. Donna Allen: "You Are So Beautiful" 6. Michael Lynch: "Bailamos" 7. Justin Kilgore: "Tomorrow" 8. Mitchel Emms: "Best Of You" 9. Judith Hill:…2018-05-14T20:22:26Z

Here’s what you need to know:

The Duo Hails From Texas

Dawn and Hawkes hail from Texas.

According to their Voice wiki page, the two met dancing at a blues bar in Austin in 2010. That soon led to them writing and performing together, and, eventually, falling in love.

In an interview with Idol Chattery, Hawkes shared, “I saw a pretty girl across the room and asked her to dance. We started talking, and I found out she was a singer and songwriter too.”

Miranda followed it up by telling the outlet, “He’s the guy I’m going to spend my life with.”

Best described as an indie-folk duo, the pair sang Stuck in the Middle With You for their first battle round on The Voice. There, they were saved by a coach. For their second battle round, they belted out Suddenly I See but lost out to Kat Perkins.

Adam’s ‘Heartfelt Speech’ Won Them Over

Why choose Adam, to begin with?

Speaking to Idol Chattery, Miranda shared, “Adam, out of nowhere, had this heartfelt speech that just floored me from the beginning. We’re both huge fans of his.” Chris added, “And I told Miranda I was going to trust her intuition because she always has such great woman’s intuition.”

The couple, likely to fans’ delight, is married. But they didn’t go the typical Instagram route to announce that they’d tied the knot– instead, they announced that they’d gotten married with the release of their music video and single, “Yours and Mine”, in 2015 via the Huffington Post.

In a more recent interview with Ear to the Ground, they were asked what they want listeners to know about their music.

They replied, “we want people to have the opportunity to hear our music, then see if they like it.”

According to their website, the couple’s song, “Golden Heart”, climbed to No. 25 on the Billboard’s Folk Chart and led to a number of tour bookings. It was while touring they recorded their second album, “Yours and Mine”.

They write that “Yours and Mine” is a “celebration of life’s genuinely beautiful moments that make us want to take another breath and another step – despite uncertainty.”

Miranda adds, “While on our own adventures of ups and downs we found ourselves exploring themes of empathizing with the other side. We hope that you will hear this album and share it with someone you love, because these are anthems of compassion for everyone who’s ever felt on ‘The Other Side.’”

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