‘The Voice’ Finalist Gushes About What Blake Shelton Did for Them


Ian Flanigan, a finalist from season 19 of “The Voice,” recorded a song with his coach Blake Shelton since his time on the singing competition series, and he said in an April 2022 interview that Shelton is “a truly good human down to his core.”

Ian Flanigan Said Blake Shelton Offered to Record Together Out of Nowhere

Ian Flanigan – Grow Up (Featuring Blake Shelton) (Official Music Video)To purchase and/or stream "Grow Up" (featuring Blake Shelton), visit: orcd.co/growup Follow Ian's tour and learn more about the artist here: ianflaniganmusic.com/ Music Video: Directed by, Vincent Peone Produced by, ArtClass ©2021 Reviver Records2022-02-18T16:00:09Z

On an episode of “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, the season 19 “Voice” third-place finisher talked about his single “Grow Up,” which features Shelton. Flanigan said that he heard the song and thought that it “just fe[lt] right” for him, but he and David Ross from Reviver Music decided to “toss it to Blake” to “see what he thinks.”

“[Shelton] was kind enough to be like — I mean, I got the text somewhere in my phone — but he was just like, ‘Hey man, that song sounds great. You mind if I jump on it with you?'” recounted Flanigan, adding, “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! What is going on?!’ I actually felt like ‘you’ve done too much for me, man.’ But he’s just that kind of guy. I don’t even know. Like, it’s hard to explain.”

So, it just worked out that Shelton was passing through Nashville when Flanigan was there recording and they made it happen.

“I just believe in working hard and trying to be the best person you can. The more you get to know a guy like Blake, he’s a truly good human down to his core and it’s nice to meet that in Hollywood,” said Flanigan.

He also said that Shelton’s wife and fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani is also “super sweet” and the two of them are just “super kind, nice people.”

“They’re a great pair. Once you see them together, you kind of really understand it,” said Flanigan.

Flanigan Said ‘The Voice’ Gave Him a ‘Really Beautiful Gift’

Meet The Voice Star Ian Flanigan with Acclaimed Director Vincent PeoneBilly Blanks Jr Interviews The Voice Star Ian Flanigan with Acclaimed Director Vincent Peone. Watch as they discuss about how Ian Flanigan has teamed up with a country favorite, Blake Shelton, on his debut single, “Grow Up”. Shelton joined Flanigan for the single’s world premiere on NBC’s hit show, The Voice. With a pairing that…2022-03-04T05:33:20Z

Flanigan spoke at length about how he had been in the music industry for a while when he randomly performed for an open mic night that happened to be a scouting event for “The Voice” — and the rest is history. And after struggling for so long, he realizes what a “really beautiful gift” he has received from the show.

“I have to just take a moment and always just find like the deepest gratitude in the universe for the opportunities that I have fallen into because … there’s a million people that could be doing what we’re all doing. And sometimes you got to just slow down and be like, wow, like right here, right now as to such a gift,” said Flanigan.

He went on to say that he “truly never believed” he was going to make it big, so he had “stop[ped] looking” for that kind of success. He also never thought of himself as a vocalist and was floored by the level of vocal talent on his season of “The Voice.”

Flanigan said he didn’t truly start to believe that he could make a deep run on the show until he was saved by America and realized that he really needed to “step it up.”

“That’s a very serious gift from America. You know, I took it very seriously … that was the turning point … that was the point where I started kind of believing [I could go farther]. I started kind of believing in myself that moment, I guess,” said Flanigan.

He said that going from being a “grassroots” artist who was “sleeping in tents and cars” and “knowing fully in [his] heart” that he “would never achieve something like this” to now having recorded a song with Blake Shelton is “just a really beautiful gift.”

“The gift that ‘The Voice’ has given me is just like once in a lifetime,” said Flanigan.

“The Voice” returns in the fall of 2022. With no spring 2022 season, it is the first time in the show’s history that it will only air one season per year. There is no official word yet as to which coaches are returning.

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