Blake Shelton to Play Trace Adkins’ ‘Stupid Younger Brother’ on ‘Monarch?’

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Getty Trace Adkins & Blake Shelton.

Country music star Trace Adkins is starring in the new Fox drama series “Monarch.” A good friend of “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton, Adkins co-stars alongside Susan Sarandon, Anna Friel and Joshua Sasse.

According to Taste of Country, “Monarch” “features a number of high profile country cameos, with the likes of Shania Twain, Little Big Town, Tanya Tucker and Martina McBride all making appearances in the first season. Plus, the show’s theme song, “The Card You Gamble,” was recorded by country-leaning singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith.

Trace Adkins Has a Request

If Adkins has his way, Shelton will get a role on the show as well. The “Ladies Love Country Boys” singer told Fox News, “I think we should bring Blake Shelton, let him play my stupid younger brother. That’s kind of what he is anyway.”

Whether he was joking or serious is hard to tell, given Adkins’ wry sense of humor. If Shelton shows up in the role, viewers will have their answer.

Shelton and Adkins have a long history. The two collaborated on “Hillbilly Bone” in 2009, which Country Rebel described as a “rowdy song” that “had the two best buds singing about how every person has a little bit of hillbilly in them, no matter where they grew up or how they were raised.”

The outlet went on to say, “The pair released the perfect music video to accompany the song. Shelton and Adkins can be seen entering a fancy restaurant and turning heads over the country boy appearance. But by the end of the video, they have everyone in the room embracing their inner hillbilly.”

Adkins and Shelton collaborated again in 2019 on the single “Hell Right.” According to Country Rebel, “after a decade with no new collaboration from the two friends, it seemed like the perfect time for them to sing together again. When Shelton heard a song called ‘Hell Right’ that was co-written by one of the writers behind his #1 hit ‘God’s Country,’ he knew he had to record it. He invited Adkins to join him, and of course he agreed!”

Adkins Did Not Seek Out Shelton for Acting Advice

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Even though Shelton has plenty of TV experience as a coach on “The Voice,” Adkins didn’t ask him for advice. “Blake’s thing is a completely different animal,” he told Fox News. “You can’t compare that stuff.”

The “Lincoln Lawyer” actor continued, “I’ve just kind of done my own thing, haven’t had to really lean on anybody too much for a lot of advice.”

It helped that Adkins related to the character he plays on “Monarch,” Albie Roman. He told Fox News, “”He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, and I’m kind of that way too. He’s not very animated, and neither am I. We say what we’ve gotta say, and don’t have to yell it … just kind of move through this life as softly and peacefully as they’ll allow us to, but when they don’t – we’ll do what we’ve gotta do.”

Adkins also has experience on reality TV. In season 14 of “The Voice,” he served as Shelton’s Battle Advisor.  He was also on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump twice, once on a regular season, and then on an all-stars season, which he won, according to Country Music Nation.

As far as Adkins returning as a “Voice” mentor, it doesn’t seem likely since Shelton told Adkins that some of the contestants are too “fragile” to handle his criticism, the outlet reports.  Fans will just have to wait and see if Shelton shows up on “Monarch.”

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