Thomas Ravenel Slams Bravo In Latest Twitter Rant

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Twitter Pictured: Thomas Ravenel takes a walk around the Magic Kingdom, with his kids in their stroller, and poses for a photo, featured on his Twitter page.

Former Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel may have left the Bravo show, but he still has some things to say. Ravenel was fired from Southern Charm prior to season 6 after he was accused of sexual assault by his children’s former nanny in 2018.

However, he still shares two children with ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis. Dennis and Ravenel dated on-and-off since 2014 and share two kids together: Kensie (6) and Saint (4). Ravenel appeared on the season 7 premiere of Southern Charm when Dennis was temporarily living with him.

The 58-year-old former politician has shared his thoughts about the Southern Charm cast before. Other current cast members have also given their opinions on Ravenel and his relationship to the show.

Ravenel Called the Reality Show ‘Pathetic’

TwitterA screenshot of the tweet from Thomas Ravenel

Ravenel recently spilled his thoughts on Southern Charm. In a since-deleted tweet, Ravenel wrote, “Southern Charm, it’s producers and the pathetic online tabloids cannot stop writing or talking or involving me in their stories. Is the show THAT BORING WITHOUT ME. Please move on an leave me the hell alone. I’m sorry your cast is that weak. I gone. Live with it!!”

Ravenel deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, but he continued to respond to fans who replied to his original tweet. One user replied, “But your watching the show lol.” Ravenel responded to the tweet saying, “I never watched it, even when I was on it some 3 years ago. Just clips.”

Another Twitter user responded to the deleted tweet, “I can’t disagree with you, Thomas. But you surely know you should’ve told Kathryn what was happening. Otherwise, I am with you!” The user was most likely referring to Dennis discovering Ravenel was having another baby with another woman. Ravenel responded, “Would you tell someone something knowing the whole world would then know the same info within 12 hours?”

On the latest episode of Southern Charm, Dennis found out that Ravenel was expecting another baby. Dennis was at a dinner party with fellow cast members when she received a notification from her lawyer. After hearing rumors about a possible pregnancy, Dennis claimed she contacted her lawyer. Her lawyer then asked Ravenel’s lawyer, who confirmed that he’s having a baby with a former girlfriend who was six to seven months pregnant at the time.

Ravenel Slammed Shep Rose on Twitter

Ravenel’s latest tweet isn’t the first time he’s spoken out about Southern Charm and the cast members. Ravenel – who has vocally supported the Republican Party – wrote in a now-deleted tweet saying that President Donald Trump is, “fighting his a** off to save the American dream,” on October 20, as reported by People.

Current cast member Shep Rose – who has vocally supported the Democratic Party – responded to the tweet. Rose replied, “Good to see you using your degree from trump university! You know. The American Dream he sold to people then had to settle for 25 mill for bilking a bunch of people. But at least he has his charity. Wait a sec. he stole from that as well and had to pay 2 mill. #Conman”

Ravenel responded to the tweet writing, “Child’s play compared to the Biden Family Criminal Enterprise. Below someone’s recommending we do a political point/counterpoint show. Lol.”

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