Leaker Says Wolverine Could Be Fortnite Season 4 Hidden Skin

fortnite wolverine skin season 4

Epic Games / Disney

Over the course of several seasons now, Epic Games has been adding more and more superheroes into Fortnite, to the point where it’s almost expected each season adds one to the mix.

In Chapter 2 alone we’ve seen Deadpool, the X-Force, Captain America, Harley Quinn, Aquaman and Black Manta all come to the game in the form of special skins, and it doesn’t look like that trend is ending any time soon.

Looking forward to November, we’ll be getting The Last Laugh bundle which will add both The Joker and Poison Ivy, as well as a Midas skin that has raised all sorts of eyebrows.

After having a season of Aquaman, it looks like there’s a chance we could shift back to Marvel in Season 4 with Wolverine.


According to reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, famous X-Men member Wolverine could be the secret skin in Season 4.

The leaker says a trusted source told him that Wolverine cosmetics were in the works and this could be arriving in the next season.

Whether or not it’s going to be available in the item shop or as a hidden Battle Pass skin remains to be seen, but it’s definitely exciting.

For the time being, it sounds like it’ll just be a skin and a pickaxe, so the back bling fans out there will left out in the cold.

What Style Will it Be?

wolverine x-men fortnite

DisneyWolverine might be clawing his way into Fortnite.

Due to the deep lore of Marvel Comics, there are many different styles of Wolverine to choose from, whether it’s the iconic look from the ’90s animated series or the Hugh Jackman look from the films.

If it’s anything like Aquaman and Deadpool, we’ll get more than one skin so possibly we could get them both.

Keep in mind that Wolverine is far from confirmed, as there’s also a hint that Thor could actually be the secret skin in Season 4.

No matter the case, it’s definitely looking like it’ll be another superhero, so that’s something to be excited about.

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