Tim Williams’ Ex-Wives: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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YouTube/Houston Police Tim Williams, spokesman for Trivago

Tim Williams, the actor best known for the Trivago commercials, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after police found him passed out behind the wheel of his car.

The arrest occurred in the middle of the afternoon on April 10, 2019, in Houston, Texas. ABC affiliate KTRK-TV reported that Williams’ vehicle was sitting in a moving lane of traffic and he had his foot on the brake pedal. Williams has since been released from custody, according to inmate records.

Williams’ name is not well-known, but his face is recognized nationwide because of his role as the spokesperson for Trivago. Williams was hired by Trivago in 2013. The company issued a brief statement following Williams’ arrest, stating that Trviago “strongly condemns drinking and driving, which poses a risk to others and goes against the Trivago culture.”

The incident has prompted interest in Williams’ personal life. Williams, a Houston native, has been divorced twice and has two sons.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Tim Williams Was Married to Actress Angelica Page From 1998 Until 2001 & They Were Cast in at Least Three Jobs Together

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GettyActress Angelica Page on September 24, 2012 in New York City.

Tim Williams’ second marriage was to actress Angelica Page. (She was born with the last name “Torn” but legally changed it to “Page” in 2011). They tied the knot on September 26, 1998, in a ceremony at Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the wedding announcement in the New York Times, the couple first met in 1996 through work. They were both acting in an off-Broadway play called “Strangers in the Land of Caanan.” They also appeared together in a 1997 comedic film called “The Mouse.” After they got married, Williams and Page both made guest appearances on the hit HBO show “The Sopranos.”

The wedding announcement noted that this was the second marriage for both Williams and Page.

Page is the daughter of actors Rip Torn and Geraldine Page. According to her IMDB profile, she was born in New York City but moved to Los Angeles as an adult. Her acting career has included roles such as Mrs. Collins in the movie “The Sixth Sense” and guest appearances on TV shows like “Law & Order.” Page has also had a long career in theater.

2. Tim Williams Moved to Germany in 2001 & Fell in Love With a German Woman

Tim Williams was cast in a German film in the early 2000s, according to his IMDB profile, despite the fact that he could not speak the language. (He has since learned German and is reportedly fluent). The movie, titled “Suche impotenten Mann für’s Leben,” was released in 2003.

Williams explained in an interview with the Country Note in January of 2019, that he first traveled to Germany in late 2000 and early 2001 to work on the project. He was still married to Angelica Page but acknowledged that he “fell in love” with a German woman and decided to remain in Germany full-time.

Williams further explained to the website Sounds Like Nashville, “I came over [to Berlin] and met a girl while I was shooting the film. She had nothing to do with the film, but she was an actress. She was a friend of a friend. I met her and fell in love so I decided to stay.”

Williams did not reveal the name of the European woman. The couple did not get married and eventually split, but Williams still calls Berlin home.

3. Tim Williams Does Not Appear to Have Ever Mentioned His First Wife Publicly

The New York Times article announcing the wedding of Tim Williams and Angelica Page mentions that both of them had been married before. Williams frequently brings up the German woman he fell in love with but does not appear to have ever mentioned his first wife publicly.

In interviews about his acting career, Williams explains that he grew up in Houston, Texas, and became interested in acting during high school. He moved to New York City after graduation. He was cast for a guest role on the “Cosby Show,” but his scenes were cut from the show. Williams’ first television acting role was on “My So-Called Life” with Claire Danes. In interviews with Rolling Stone, Sounds Like Nashville, the Nutmeg Creative blog, and on his IMDB page, Williams’ first wife is never mentioned.

4. Tim Williams Has Two Grown Sons Named Jack & Chase

Tim Williams is the father of two grown sons named Jack and Chase. The mother of at least one of his sons was presumably Williams’ first wife. Williams noted in a Facebook post from 2014 that one of his sons was 25 years old at the time, meaning he would have been born in 1988 or 1989.

Williams praised his son Chase in a 2016 Facebook post for being part of a German band called “Da Bad Nude.” The band’s Facebook profile has not been updated since that initial announcement.

5. Tim Williams Wrote Songs About Previous Romantic Relationships For His Debut Country Music Album

Tim Williams has kept a tight lid on details of his personal life. But he has reportedly written about former wives and girlfriends for his music.

Williams released a country album called “Magnolia City” in 2018. He told the website Sounds Like Nashville, “There are a few songs about an ex. There’s always ‘ex’ songs.”

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