‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 3 Songs: ‘Caravan of Fools’ & Other Full Videos


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The hit Paramount series “Yellowstone” is known for its stirring songs and moving soundtrack. Season 4 episode 3 was no exception. A number of great songs were included in this week’s episode, including the ending song, “Caravan of Fools.”

The Ending Song Was ‘Caravan of Fools’ by John Prine

John Prine – Caravan of Fools – The Tree of ForgivenessThe Tree of Forgiveness is available everywhere here: smarturl.it/treeofforgiveness "Caravan of Fools" (Lyrics) The dark and distant drumming The pounding of the hooves The silence of everything that moves Late at night you'll see them Decked out in shiny jewels The coming of the caravan of fools Like the wings of a dove The waiter's…2018-04-13T14:36:14Z

The ending song on “Yellowstone” season 4 episode 3 was “Caravan of Fools” from John Prine’s “The Tree of Forgiveness” album. You can watch a video of the song here or in the embedded video above.

Some of the lyrics from the song that you’ll recall from the episode include:

The dark and distant drumming
The pounding of the hooves
The silence of everything that moves
Late at night you’ll see them
Decked out in shiny jewels
The coming of the caravan of fools…

The caravan of fools, caravan of fools
You’re running with the caravan of fools

On YouTube, one person commented about the song, “Super song!! In fact the whole album is cracking and great to have some new JP stuff to appreciate……..there’s a definite air and feel of Dylan’s ‘Blind Willie Mctell’ to this song ….’Caravan of Fools’ stands on its own though and in any event Dylan’s song is using the melody of “St James Infirmary” .. but its interesting how this stuff goes around.”

Another wrote, “Oh, John, how true your word are. We will miss your brilliant lyrics and unforgettable voice.”

John Prine – Caravan of foolsJohn Prine, cantautor americano. 72 años. Gran inspirador de Bob Dylan, y de otros muchos.2019-04-09T16:35:42Z

You can watch Prine performing the song in the video above or at this link.

His official Facebook page shared that his song would be featured in the new episode.

John Prine died of COVID-19 complications in 2020. Learn more in Heavy’s story here.

A Song by Shane Smith & the Saints Also Played

Shane Smith & the Saints on Yellowstone 11/14/212021-11-15T02:01:41Z

This wasn’t the only song featured during the “Yellowstone” episode. Another one was Shane Smith & The Saints’ “All I See Is You,” which also happened to be the name of the episode.

You might recall these lyrics from the snippet of the song we heard: “Tea’s boiling from the spout of the pot, but all I see is you.”

According to Fort Worth Stockyards, this song was recorded and self-produced while on the road in Austin, Nashville, and Dallas. On “Yellowstone,” it played while Jimmy was driving away and living Mia behind on his way to Texas.

"All I See Is You" – Shane Smith & the Saints (Live at The Parish)"All I See Is You" (Live at The Parish – Austin, TX) 8/15/15 By: Shane Smith & the Saints Album: "Geronimo"2016-01-04T20:18:37Z

The video above shows Shane Smith & the Saints performing the song live.

Here are the lyrics you heard on “Yellowstone”:

A storm’s runnin’ through the Midwest
Like a bandit out on the loose
And all the clouds are black as nightfall
But all I see is you.

And rain’s pourin’ through the windowpanes
And the cracks of this roof
Tea’s boilin’ from the spout of the pot
But all I see is you, yeah.

Shane Smith & the Saints had a “Yellowstone” watch party in honor of their song being in the episode.

They shared with their fans that the episode was even named after their song.

They wrote: “To our “YELLOWSTONE” fans.. we’re gonna need you to watch tomorrow night’s episode 😉 🎻🏔🔥 Also.. be sure to check out the episode name that the amazing folks at Yellowstone decided to go with✊🏋️‍♀️🙏 Please T A G anyone that needs to know, set your DVRs and help us spread the word on this. Cannot express how grateful and excited we are.”

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