10 Festival Gear Essentials for Music Festivals (2018)

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Festival season has come around once again. How stoked are you? You may already have some festival gear in your arsenal. Or, this could be your first season on the books. Regardless, ensuring all of your festival gear is set-to-go, is of the utmost importance.

However, if you’re a festie veteran, do a mental checklist of all of your current music festival gear. Did something break that you need to replace? Did all of your gear actually make it home from last season? Once you’ve checked out your current equipment, it’s time to dive into festival gear that will bring your festival experience to a whole new level.

What about your outfits? Be sure to check out this women’s, and men’s festival clothing.

Now, you may already have some of these things at your fingertips. If that’s the case, just add them to the pile. But, keep an open mind to new gear. You arsenal can never contain too many festival-related things.

This list is set up in no particular order. Rather, it’s meant to be a guide to often-forgotten items. So, use it to build out your current set-up.

Without further ado, here are the absolute best music festival gear ideas, to have a killer time at your festival.

1. Music Festival Gear: External Battery

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An often-forgotten piece about camping at a music festival is that there are no sources of power. Yes, there are technically charging lockers inside the festival, but do you really want to pay money and have to sit there with your phone? Probably not…it could mean you’re missing your favorite set. Rather than worry about you phone, come prepared with an external battery.

Not only will this baby charge an iPhone 6S three-and-a-half times (two-and-a-half charges for Galaxy S6), but it also features PowerIQ and VoltageBoost. In tandem, these babies aid in charging your phone ridiculously fast. Plus, a MultiProtect safety system is built in, to preserve the life of your battery. With an 18-month warranty, you can easily get through festival season, and send it back if you find an issue. A charged phone makes it easy to find friends, and makes it even easier to have an incredible time.

Price: $26.99

Buy the Anker PowerCore 10000 here.

2. Music Festival Gear: Pop-Up Shade

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When it comes to setting up your campsite, you may not have gotten farther than, “Hey I got my tent and sleeping bag. I’m set to go!” Hold your horses there, bud. A tent’s great. But do you want to sit inside of it, when the sun is beating down, making it stiflingly hot? Nah.

You need a Pop Up Canopy. Place it right next to the entrance of your tent, and you’ll have a space to sit in the shade….without the nasty heat of the tent. Plus, it allows you to keep your cooler and cooking equipment outside, rather than dragging it out of your car every time you’re hungry. This bad boy is made with high-grade steel, and covers an impressive 96-square-feet of shade. And, it protects against 99% of harmful UV rays (you should still lather up with sunscreen). A pop-up shade takes your campsite from meh, to amazing.

Price: $89.99

Buy the AmazonBasics Pop-Up Canopy Tent here.

3. Music Festival Gear: Sweet Outfit

festival gear

M Mayever

If there’s one thing people don’t realize about attending a music fest, it’s that festivals are not equivalent to your everyday concert. Showing up in jeans, a ball cap, and a t-shirt may leave you feeling sad. Not because of weather, but because you might feel a twinge of jealousy. Cool costumes make your festival experience. So when you’re packing up festival gear, definitely think about your costume.

Costumes don’t have to be handmade, nor elaborate. You can go with something as simple as an LED piece of clothing. This LED jacket is easy–simply pop in six AA batteries, flip the switch, and toss this baby on. This particular model is made of faux fur, but you can also choose from a vest and long-sleeve, no-faux-fur coat, too. Made of comfortable, breathable material, making it the perfect night-time outfit. Stand out and feel like a rockstar, in this LED jacket.

Give these LED shirts a look, too.

Price: $42.99 – $69.99

Buy the M MAYEVER Soft Faux Fur Led Jacket here.

4. Music Festival Gear: Flow Toys

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Going to a festival provides tons of fun, amazing experiences. The music is awesome the people are fantastic, and the atmosphere is full of so much love. Dancing is always an incredible choice, but you can up your level of fun by bringing one piece of festival gear: Flow toys.

In a nutshell, flow toys are a part of flow arts. Flow arts combine the movements of dance and creativity, via prop-based play. That is to say, you flow with things like a whip, hoop, or poi. Poi is popular outside of festivals–you may have seen fire poi, wherein the user lights his equipment on fire, and performs with them.

These poi are made with non-toxic material, and do not hurt on-impact. There are many pre-programmed modes and colors, and they’re a plain white color when not in-use. With an all-night run time, you can play during sets, charge while you sleep, and do it all over again the next day.

Flow toys come in many shapes and sizes. You may also want to consider theses LED hoops, light up gloves, and even staffs.

Price: $109.95

Buy the Podpoi LED Poi here.


5. Music Festival Gear: Fanny Pack

festival gear

SoJourner Bags

I know, I know. Fanny packs haven’t been cool since the 90s. (Were the ever actually cool?). But let me tell you, my friends, a fanny pack is a godsend in terms of music festival gear. If you’re wearing an elaborate costume, where the heck are you going to put your phone? Do you really want to shove your money in your bra, only to have it fall out, leaving you hungry? I didn’t think so.

A big backpack is an awesome choice, but it can feel cumbersome. That’s why fanny packs reign king at festivals. This SoJourner Fanny Pack has two zippered compartments, and has a single, zippered back pocket, with reinforced double-stitching, and nylon lining. The waistband fits from 15-inches-to-48-inches. And if this blue color isn’t tickling your fancy, there are plenty of others to choose from. Keep your stuff organized and dry, with a fanny pack.

Price: $16.99

Buy the SoJourner Fanny Pack here.

6. Music Festival Gear: Footwear

festival gear


This capsule may feel like a bit of a “no duh” moment. Of course you need good footwear at a festival. But, do you know what great festival footwear looks like? It’s definitely not your favorite Nikes. Too often during festival season, it pours during a set, or there’s an overnight downpour. Wearing tennis shoes, or shoes you really care about isn’t the best choice. They’ll be ruined in the blink of an eye.

Instead, good festival footwear is something that can get dirty and re-cleaned in under-a-day. Chaco sandals are a great example. Chacos are easily one of the most-comfortable sandals on the market. They’re crafted with a contoured footbed, for extra support. A rubber sole keeps sharp things from penetrating the bottom. Choose from tons of different colors and strap styles. Your feet will be thrilled, and you’ll be dancing all night.

Click here for Men’s Chaco sandals.

Feeling something with a bit more oomph? Peep these light up shoes.

Price: $42 – $158.57

Buy Chacos here.

7. Music Festival Gear: Water Bladder

hydration back, vibedration pack, water bladder backpack


Regardless of whether or not you intend to get stoned off your behind at a festival, you’re going to need water. After sitting out in the blazing sun–or even overcast days–you’re going to be parched. Rather than purchasing ridiculously expensive waters inside, add a water bladder to your festival gear.

Vibedration is an incredible manufacturer of water backpacks for festivals. This baby features an impressive two-liter bladder, made of entirely-BPA-free plastic. The backpack itself measures 16-inches x 11-inches x 3.25-inches. An interior pocket measures 11-inches x 12-inches, and has a place specifically for the bladder. Choose from loads of amazing designs, and adjust the straps to your body. Stay hydrated, with the Rave Hydration Pack.

Price: $44.99

Buy the Rave Hydration Pack here.

8. Music Festival Gear: Campsite Identifier

festival gear


If there’s one single thing festival veterans forget to tell newbies, it’s about finding your campsite. It’s super easy to find it when you haven’t strayed from your row. But, the second you go to the port-a-potties, without remembering exactly where it’s located, you’re SOL. We’ve all been there–don’t worry. There’s a super easy solution: A campsite flag.

The concept is straightforward. Purchase a flag and tall flagpole. Attach flag to said flagpole. Secure to the ground, and hoist the flag. Bam–visible campsite from a distance. When finding a campsite identifier, make sure it’s something unqiue–you don’t want to head to the wrong site.

This Show Me Your Kitties Flag is a great choice. It’s made of weather-resistant material, and measures three-feet tall by five-feet wide. Giggle every time you see your site.

Price: $24.95

Buy the Show Me Your Kitties Flag here.


9. Music Festival Gear: Goodies to Make Friends

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Aside from costumes, many festival newbies aren’t clued in on the fact that people LOVE to give away small goodies. After all, PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) is a lifestyle. Handing out items to put a smile on someone else’s face is all a part of the festival experience. Don’t be left out, simply accepting items. Have some ready, too, like these temporary tattoos.

Festival handouts can be anything you want. If you love making wrap bracelets, bring those. Produce amazing art and make stickers? They’ll be a big hit. Or, you can always go with a classic, like glow sticks. Temporary tattoos, however, take it up a notch. These unique goodies are safe for use anywhere on the body. And they’re 100% non-toxic and waterproof–rain won’t ruin these babies. Easily remove them with coconut or baby oil. You’ll be making new festie besties in no time.

Price: $6.49

Buy the Temporary Tattoos here.

10. Music Festival Gear: Tent

festival gear


Let’s be honest. If you’re heading to a camping music festival, you need a tent. I know you may want to save money and sleep in your car (and if you have a large enough vehicle go for it). But that’s going to be awful. You’ll feel cramped, sad, and downright annoyed you don’t have somewhere to comfortably sleep.

Consider the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent. It’s probably much larger than you need–it fits up-to-three-queen-size air mattresses. Keep in mind though, more space is better. More space is easier to change, get ready, and not keep all of your gear jammed in the car. This baby features a lantern hook for nighttime, and pockets to keep your knick knacks off the floor. Plus, there’s an adjustable ground vent, so you can sleep at the right temperature. It comes with everything you need: A tent, tent poles, rain fly, tent stakes, and a carrying bag. A tent is essential music festival gear, so do it in style.

Don’t forget camping chairs, a table, and a camping kitchen, to make your campsite feel more homey.

Price: $129.99 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent here.

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