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9 Best Camping Cots: Your Buyer’s Guide

best camping cot

Camping cots are truly an awesome piece of gear to own. Sometimes it’s necessary to get off the ground when doing overnights in the wilderness. There are options here for both car campers and minimalist backpackers. Whatever your camping style, read on to find the sleep system that’s right for you.

What Are The Best Camping Cots?

kamp-rite tent cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Everything you need other than bedding!
  • Powder coated aluminum frame
  • Tent is effectively waterproof
Price: $329.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman pack away cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 17 inches tall means easy up and down
  • Includes a side table and cup holder
  • Heavy duty steel frame
Price: $78.43 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman comfortsmart Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Includes a foam mattress
  • No assembly required
Price: $80.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
byer of maine camping cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Nice and tall height at 18 inches
  • Compact storage bag for easy transort
Price: $119.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kamp-rite best camping cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very spacious
  • Built with a side organizer
  • 21 inches tall
Price: $169.89 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman queen camping cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great size for camping couples
  • Includes battery powered pump
  • Side tables on either side of the cot
Price: $199.13 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kingcamp best camping cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Five different color options
  • Elastic straps for your camping pad
  • Packs down to 14 by 5.1 by 5.1 inches
Price: $96.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
marchway best camping cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Packs quite compact at 16.9 x 5.5 inches
  • Built in pillow system and side pocket
  • Three different color choices
Price: $70.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alps mountaineering camping cot Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy to break down and pack
  • Simple design
  • Spacious for an ultralight tent
Price: $369.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

    • This unit has everything you need besides your sleeping bag/bedding for a camp-out!
    • Tent is effectively waterproof
    • Can also convert into an awesome lounge chair or a flat cot!
    • Interior of the tent is quite spacious and also employs noo-see-um mesh on all the windows and doors
    • Powder coated aluminum frame won’t degrade on you any time soon!
    • At 32 pounds this is a pretty heavy unit to pack!
    • Weight limit is 300 pounds which seems low considering the amount of sleeping space with this one
    • Fairly expensive option

    Ever consider that your tent and your cot could be the same piece of gear? Kamp-Rite has come up with a seriously cool product with their Oversize Tent Cot that will change the way you camp. This is an all inclusive, easy to travel with and set up camping cot that has all the characteristics and benefits of a well built tent. This unit is even capable of converting into an awesome adjustable lounge chair or regular flat cot making it super versatile around the campground.

    The Oversize Tent Cot weighs in at 32 pounds and is 36 by 34 by 7 inches when folded up. It’s not the most compact piece of gear, but considering it’s your cot and tent this unit is fairly packable. It fits no problem into a truck bed or car trunk. The cot size is 90 by 32 inches – that’s a ton of space for any size camper.

    It’s in our opinion the best camping cot around for gear savy campers who love interesting equipment that works!

    There should even be room for your backpack or some additional camp gear in there with you. The interior of the tent is furthermore 36 inches tall so there’s plenty of headroom! It’s an innovative design that if paired with a camping pad and some nice bedding can really be made into a cozy nest.

    If you like the design of this unit but it’s a little much for you (or your vehicle) then consider the compact version of this model.

    The somewhat heavy duty 210D tent and rain fly are effective at shedding rain and keeping the tent interior dry. This unit is well reviewed for defense against the elements. The legs also put this tent/cot about one foot above the ground so it’s at a nice sitting height and easy to get in and out of.

    All the windows and the door are equipped with a noo-see-um mesh so you can ensure you get a bug free breeze on warmer camp outs.

    The set up is simple — just five or ten minutes of folding out legs and supports and erecting the tent body. When you want to use this unit as a lounge chair you simply collapse the tent and lay out! You gotta love the concept of this piece of camp gear!

    Some other tent/cots you should know about include Winterial’s Double Outdoor Tent Cot and also the two person version of this same unit by Kamp-Rite. Impress your camping buddies and simplify your set up and break down with a righteous tent cot system!

  2. 2. Coleman 80 x 32-Inches Pack-Away Cot

    • The 80 by 32 inch sleeping surface provides campers up to six feet six inches with plenty of space to sprawl out
    • Heavy duty steel frame and polyester fabric
    • The height of this cot (17 inches) allows you to get up and down comfortably and also allows for some gear storage underneath
    • Design incorporates a side table and cup holder that can be secured to either side
    • This unit is held open by your weight and does not “lock” into place so there’s no mechanisms or leg support systems that might become damaged
    • Highly affordable - this is one of the better value cots on the market and highly reviewed by campers everywhere
    • Fairly heavy camping cot at 23 pounds for it’s design
    • Foot pegs have the potential to damage a tent floor - try using cardboard underneath the cot feet
    • Fairly expensive

    Coleman is a classic brand name when it comes to camping. Their products are trusted by outdoorsmen and almost always an excellent value. Coleman does not make top quality gear, but their products are reliable and long lasting in the field with the proper care. This Pack-Away cot is the perfect example, it’s a great quality camping item at a more than reasonable cost.

    This is a fairly heavy duty, steel framed unit weighing in at about 23 pounds. The Polyester fabric that makes up the cot body is easy to clean and super durable. This cot is 80 by 32 inches, so there’s more than enough space for campers up to about six feet six inches.

    The weight capacity of this model is 300 pounds. The height is also quite nice at 17 inches tall allowing you to kick off your shoes and store some gear underneath. I think this is one of the best camping cots around for providing lots of sleeping space and underneath storage.

    This is a super easy design to set up and pack down — just unfold the unit! There’s even a side table that can be secured to either side of the cot that includes a cup holder, a simple but highly appreciated touch.

    Coleman offers a one year limited warranty on this product so you can buy in confidence. One thing to note is that the feet on this cot have the potential to damage your tent floor (as do most camping cots) — try using a few pieces of cardboard between the floor and the cot to ensure you don’t damage any fabrics.

    For larger sized campers and for those that just enjoy having a surplus of sleeping space, the Pack-Away Cot by Coleman is a great affordable option. If you like this design but don’t need all the extra space of the Pack-Away, check out the Trailhead II Camping Cot also by Coleman — it’s a highly comparable design that’s got a slightly smaller footprint.

  3. 3. Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot

    • Includes a one and a half inch thick foam mattress - this is a well padded camping cot that can be made to be super luxurious with the addition of your camping pad
    • At 80 by 30 inches there’s plenty of space for campers up to six feet, six inches tall
    • The design allows for gear storage underneath and is at a nice height for easy getting up and down
    • Steel frame can support up to 300 pounds
    • No assembly required - just unfold it!
    • The weight is not exceptionally heavy at around 20 pounds but this camping cot is a bit cumbersome to pack when folded up
    • No carry bag included
    • This cot can be a bit noisy when shifting around

    ComfortSmart is one of the best value camping cots around. The ComfortSmart Deluxe is a real Cadillac when it comes to sleeping in a cot. This model is paired with a one and a half inch thick foam pad and coil suspension system so you’re covered on a camping pad too!

    This unit may pack a bit cumbersome when folded up, but saving space on a camp mattress might make up for the space. Alternatively, you can add your regular camping pad or mattress on top of the foam padding provided for a really comfortable sleeping surface.

    There’s no assembly required with this steel framed camping cot. It’s a durable unit that can support up to 300 pounds and campers up to about six feet six inches in height (80 by 30 by 15 inches). It simply folds up when you’re ready to pack it-— piece of cake.

    Definitely a good choice of cot for larger sized campers who struggle to be comfortable overnight.

    The design of this camping cot puts it 15 inches above the ground and leaves plenty of space for stashing gear underneath. The extra long length might make this a tight fit in your tent depending on its size, so be mindful to check your tent dimensions if you plan on setting up this unit within it.

  4. 4. Byer EasyCot

    • Great size dimensions - the sleeping space on this camping cot is long, but not excessive so you can comfortably fit it inside your tent
    • Nice and tall height at 18 inches that also allows for gear storage underneath
    • Collapses into a compact storage bag for easy transort
    • Frame and fabrics are built durably - this is a strong cot capable of supporting up to 330 pounds
    • Amazon’s Choice of camping cot
    • Although it’s a super quick and easy design, the joints of the frame will be hard to repair/replace in the event of a malfunction. Be gentle
    • Fairly expensive
    • Will be difficult to set up on uneven ground

    Here’s another fold-open camping cot, this one from Byer of Maine. There’s no assembly required with this unit, and it even packs into a compact carry bag. The welded steel frame can hold up to 330 pounds and the sleeping space is 78 by 31 inches.

    That’s a few inches shorter than the last two units, but still long enough for campers up to about six feet four inches in height. This cot furthermore employs a 600 denier polyester five-panel reinforced fabric to maintain rigidity of the sleeping surface.

    I like how this camping cot collapses right into the carry bag with included shoulder strap. It’s easy to assemble and easy to pack and travel with. At about 20 pounds this is still not really a camping cot you can hike or backpack with, but its compact size might make you want to try.

    The height of this camping cot when assembled is an impressive 18 inches. Byer of Maine has built this unit to be exceptionally easy to get up and down from. The design of the legs also allows for gear storage underneath which is great when set up within your tent.

    I think the 78 inch length of this camping cot is preferred over some 80 inch, extra long units if you’re not particularly tall because it will leave you with a bit more space when using it within your tent.

  5. 5. Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

    • At 84 by 33 inches, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single camping cot with this much sleeping space
    • Weight capacity is 350 pounds
    • Side organizer is great for stashing essential gear at bedtime
    • At 21 inches tall, this camping cot has a great height for easy getting up and down as well as adequate space for gear storage. This is definitely a great option for campers with reduced mobility
    • Due to the extra long length, this unit might be a tight fit for some tents
    • The frame has quite a few joints and crossbars in order to handle the weight of heavier campers — be mindful not to damage anything when opening and collapsing this unit
    • Long shipping timeline

    Here’s a particularly oversized camping cot for larger sized campers. This unit has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and is an impressive 84 inches in length — that’s a lot of space! If you’re someone who needs a lot of sleeping surface or who has a hard time finding a cot frame to support their weight, this is the unit for you.

    Kamp-Rite has built this camping cot to be another “no assembly required” fold out unit. It collapses into a compact carry bag that’s just 43 by 10 by 8 inches and erects in moments. It’s a pretty righteous unit for car camping in the sense that it folds up nicely for packability yet sets up in seconds.

    There’s a little more to this frame than the cots previously mentioned in terms of supports, but that’s to be expected with a 350 pound weight limit. There’s still space to stash gear underneath the unit — especially since it’s 21 inches tall! A side organizer of the side of this camping cot also gives you some space to tuck snacks, a cell phone or a book.

    With 33 inches of width, some customer reviews even insist you can get away with placing an inflatable twin mattress on this unit. We wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s impressive none the less that Kamp-Rite has designed a camping cot capable of this. All in all, this is the cot for you if you appreciate an oversized sleeping space and plenty of cot height in an efficient, compact package.

  6. 6. Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump

    • Great size for camping couples and for those who want the ultimate luxury experience
    • Lots of crossbars to support weight but still plenty of underneath storage
    • Includes air mattress and battery powered pump
    • Built with side tables on either side of the cot
    • Mattress and cot collapse into a wheeled carry bag that’s great for transport
    • Heavy at 42 pounds
    • Air mattresses always have potential to puncture and leak - be careful with this one
    • Will be difficult to fit inside some tents

    Coleman has come up with a great couples camping cot with this one. This queen sized airbed and cot frame combo are a seriously righteous value considering the cost. There’s even a 4D battery operated pump included with this purchase for use with the air mattress.

    If you and your camping partner are looking to really lay out in comfort, this is perhaps the best camping cot option for you. Alternatively, if you’re a solo camper who wants to sleep on the height of luxury, definitely look into this one. It might be a bit tight fitting into smaller sized tents at 78 by 59 inches but you’ll be the envy of the campground if you have space for it.

    The weight limit of this camping cot is 600 pounds. The queen sized mattress alone is a super comfortable option when it comes to camping, but when paired with the cot frame this becomes a seriously great sleep system. If you’re camping in a larger sized tent you’ll love this unit.

    It takes up a lot of floor space but there is more than 20 inches of clearance with this cot so there’s plenty of underneath storage for your gear. Two side tables with cup holders on either side of this camping cot ensure you’ve even got some table space within your tent or out under the stars.

    There’s a bar that runs down the center of this cot, so if you decide to use it without the air mattress the sleeping surface is divided into two. It’s absolutely possible but you’ll be separated from your partner if using this as a pair or unable to sprawl out over the whole cot surface if using alone.

    If you’re willing to go through the process of setting this frame up and then inflating the air mattress, you’re in for an awesome night’s sleep. Another solid quality product at a more than fair price from Coleman.

  7. 7. KingCamp Ultralight Compact Folding Cot Bed

    • Includes some awesome features like elastic straps for your camping pad and a built in pillow!
    • Packs down to 14 by 5.1 by 5.1 inches and only weighs 4.4 pounds
    • Set up takes just a few minutes and all the components of the frame/supports are not easily damaged
    • Five different color options to choose from
    • 75 by 25 inch sleeping surface may be a bit tight for some larger sized campers
    • Fairly expensive compared to some other options
    • Some complaints that the legs collapse when getting on and off the cot, look elsewhere if you're a particularly heavy camper

    I really like this camping cot from KingCamp. It’s suitable for use on the trail at 4.4 pounds and has some simple but righteous features that set it apart from the competition. There’s even five different colors to choose from!

    The simple four stent design that makes up the cot frame is a piece of cake to assemble and break down. When packed, this whole unit is only 14 by 5.1 by 5.1 inches. The sleeping surface is 75 by 25 inches and it sits about five inches above the ground.

    If you’re much over six feet two inches then this unit might be a bit tight for you, but remember this is an ultralight camping cot meant to be a minimum size. The 420D polyester fabric and aerial aluminum alloy rods used to construct this cot will support up to 265 pounds.

    The two features of this camping cot that really stand out to me are the sleeping pad straps and built in pillow system. There are two elastic straps on either end of this cot that hold down your sleeping pad to avoid sliding. It seems like a simple feature but depending on the material of your sleeping pad this could really be a life safer. The carry bag also packs into the “pillow bag” providing you with a padded place to rest your head!

    There’s no room while backpacking to pack luxuries like a real pillow, so this is a neat feature you’ll no doubt appreciate. For a camping cot this low profile and well designed, the price definitely offers a great value for your money. 

    Check out the youtube video attached below for a closer look at this camping cot’s assembly and features.

    VideoVideo related to kingcamp ultralight compact folding cot bed2018-10-10T12:49:31-04:00
  8. 8. MARCHWAY Ultralight Camping Cot Bed

    • Packs quite compact at 16.9 by 5.5 inches for such a minimalist unit
    • Includes a built in pillow system and side pocket for gear storage
    • Three different color choices to choose from
    • Amazon's Choice
    • 74.8 by 27.4 inch sleeping surface may be a bit short for some larger sized campers
    • 300 pound weight limit is not terribly impressive
    • This cot will make some noise while shifting around

    Here’s a highly comparable camping cot the previous unit by KingCamp at about half the cost. The Ultralight Camping Cot Bed by MARCHWAY packs just a bit heavier and more cumbersome than KingCamp’s Folding Cot Bed, but it’s otherwise essentially the same unit. At 4.5 pounds and squeezing into a 16.9 by 5.5 inch stuff sack, the difference in weight and dimensions isn’t much compared to the difference in cost.

    If you’re not counting ounces and inches like a lunatic then you’ll appreciate the low price tag of this camping cot.

    This cot might be a pinch less packable than the previous unit, but what it lacks in packed size and weight it makes up for in assembled height and weight capacity. This unit sits six and a half inches above the ground for some added clearance and has an impressive 300 pound weight limit for such a minimalist unit. It’s perhaps the best camping cot for the price that elevates you this much up off the ground.

    The aluminum crossbars and ripstop nylon fabric are just as tough as any cot and won’t quit on you as long as you treat this unit with care. There’s even a built in pillow system just like the previous unit as well as a side pocket for stashing your bed time essentials.

  9. 9. ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot

    • Simple design means less problems in the long term with cot joints/poles
    • Packs light (4 pounds 13 ounces) and compact (17 by 7 inches)
    • Gives you an impressive 7.5 inches of clearance from the ground
    • Provides more space (78 by 28 inches) and has a greater weight capacity (300 pounds) than most other ultralight cot options
    • Everything fits back into the carry bag easily!
    • A bit on the expensive end. Don’t forget to consider this is built to be a long lasting product.
    • Legs can be difficult to snap into place. Practice makes perfect!
    • Because of the force it takes to erect the legs, you could potentially damage the cot - be careful

    I’ve been a fan of gear from ALPS Mountaineering for a while now. Their products border on being top quality and almost always come at a reasonable price. The Ready Lite cot is no exception, it’s a compact, lightweight (4 pounds 13 ounces) camping cot option with a 300 pound weight capacity.

    The sleeping surface on this cot is 78 by 28 inches — as far as backpacking cots go that’s pretty spacious. An assembled height of 7.5 inches furthermore makes this ultralight cot feel more like a regular camp cot. When collapsed and packed into the carry bag, this unit is just 17 by 7 inches. The carry bag also includes a shoulder strap if you don’t plan on securing this cot to your hiking pack.

    The five legged aluminum frame and ripstop fabric body are simple in design and tough as nails. There’s no unique joints or segments to this camping cot which means less potential problems.

    Assembly is easy — just slide in the side poles and snap the leg supports into place. Fitting everything back into the carry bag is also a breeze — always appreciated when packing up for another day of hiking.

    For another solid camping cot option by ALPS Mountaineering make sure to check out their Lightweight Cot. It’s a bit heavier and not really suitable for use on the trail but comes at a far lower cost and employs more or less the same design.

Selecting The Right Camping Cot For You

Getting some space between you and the ground can increase your heat retention, keep you up and away from dangerous insects and animals and of course provide you with some extra padding and comfort depending on the unit.

During those clear nights camping when you want to sleep out without your tent and get a full view of the night sky using a cot is oftentimes a must. Depending on where you're camping, even within your tent you run the risk of damaging or puncturing your sleeping pad if placing it directly on the ground. No matter how you cut it, there are all sorts of benefits to using a camping cot.

We've selected five of the best camping cots for the luxury camper and also three minimalist, lighter weight units. Cots one through five have been selected with comfort in mind while cots six through nine have been chosen for their portability and ease of transport. Cot number ten is an alternative, all-inclusive tent-cot design that we wanted to turn you on to as well.

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