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7 Best Gun Safes for Sale: Compare & Save

best gun safe

Each and every responsible gun owner knows the importance of a secure gun safe. Meeting your state’s firearm rules and regulations is one thing, but owning state of the art, maximum security storage for your weapons is another.

Our list of the best gun safes has highlighted some of the best security systems on the market. Our top picks are renowned and praised by gun enthusiasts, sportsmen and home defense buffs alike.

We’ve selected a variety of options for regular home storage, quick handgun access, and maximum portability. We’ve also included a few of the best high-capacity gun safe options. Whatever your firearm safety and readiness needs are, we’ve found the best choices to consider.

What Are The Best Gun Safes For Sale?

verifi biometric gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • FBI biometric sensors
  • LCD back lighting
  • Super long battery life
Price: $479.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sentry safe biometric gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • At-the-ready pistol presentation
  • Premium foam lining
  • Compression gas strut holds safe open
Price: $155.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Gunvault biometric gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Highly portable
  • Stores up to 120 fingerprints
  • Super rapid entry
Price: $269.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Vaultek Biometric Handgun Safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Biometric, digital and key entry
  • 16 gauge steel
  • Three different color options
Price: $289.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
barska large biometric gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Capacity for up to six long guns
  • Five point deadbolt system
  • Removable racks
Price: $700.96 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
steelwater 22 long gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fireproof for up to 60 minutes
  • EMP proof digital pad
  • 20 steel bolts on all sides of the door
Price: $2,195.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
steelwater standard duty gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fireproof up to 1 hour
  • 10 steel bolt door closure design
  • Affordable for a high capacity safe
Price: $799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Verifi Smart.Safe. S6000 Fast Access Biometric Safe

    • FBI biometric sensors designed by US government recognized company, Zvetco Biometrics
    • Great size for storing one or several handguns along with some other valuables
    • Super long battery life
    • Stores up to 40 different fingerprints in order to grant access to multiple users
    • LCD back lighting for easy operation in the dark
    • One of the more expensive biometric gunsafe options - it’s what you pay for with high quality sensors like this
    • Not Fireproof
    • Intermediate capacity rather than big or small size

    The biometric technology available to the public has made leaps and bounds in recent years meaning the sensors are more reliable, easy to use and affordable than ever before. Biometric models are quickly becoming the best gun safes for reliable firearm storage. Fingerprint technology means no keys or electronic codes are required for entry which both simplifies gun storage as well as heightens safety.

    Fingerprint access is undoubtedly the most secure way to store firearms if there’s children in the household and also the most rapid way to access your weapon in the event of an emergency. Check out our list of the best biometric gun safes for some more options!

    This is a top quality biometric unit from Verifi. This gun safe was designed by Zvetco Biometrics, one of the most reputable companies on the market. The sensors used to build this safe’s security system are in use by several departments of the US government — it’s an FBI certified fingerprint sensor that uses 3D imaging.

    The dimensions of the S6000 are 17.4 by 16.1 by 7.9 inches. It’s a medium-small sized biometric gun safe that’s the ideal size for storing several hand guns along with a few other valuables. If you like the idea of having a hand gun safe that provides you with a bit of extra storage, this is a great choice.

    This safe is well reviewed for long battery life and ease of operation. Verifi claims this safe will be powered for several years on just four AA batteries — impressive.

    There’s LCD back lighting on the sensor so you can easily operate this safe in low light. It’s a simple but pivotal feature if you’re looking for a quick access biometric gun safe for home security.

    This safe can furthermore store up to 40 different fingerprints so several verified people can access the safe. This is a great solution to the age old issue of having one or two sets of keys and several authorized users.

    This safe is built from solid steel and is described as one of the most secure biometric gun safe options available to the public. It’s however unfortunately not fireproof which would be a nice feature considering the higher cost here.

    All things considered, Verifi has crafted a super easy to use and highly secure biometric gun safe with the S6000. Definitely a go to option for gun owners who are interested in the very best of the best.

  2. 2. SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe

    • Compression gas strut holds the safe open and allows for fast and easy one handed access
    • At-the-ready pistol presentation - this is theideal home defense biometric gun safe
    • Stores up to four different fingerprints
    • Also includes a key lock for simple back-up entry
    • Built with premium foam lining
    • No interior light
    • Can only be permanently mounted vertically, not wall mounted
    • Not much space for anything other than a sangle handgun

    Here is Amazon’s choice of biometric hand gun safe. The SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe is a reliable yet affordable at home option for safe hand gun storage.

    This is an impressively designed unit. This gun safe opens with easy one handed access by utilizing a compression gas strut. The door opens without a sound and holds itself open so you can retrieve your pistol with just one hand.

    The safe material is solid 12 gauge steel and the door is of course pry resistant.

    The dimensions are 3.2 by 12.1 by 9.9 inches so this is a biometric safe for your handgun and your handgun only.

    This quick entry biometric gun safe stores your pistol in a at-the-ready position. The focus of this design is on home security in the event of a break in. You can quickly and silently retrieve your home defense handgun with a specialized biometric safe like this.

    The Quick Access Pistol Safe runs on AA batteries but has mixed reviews for battery life. Make sure to use name brand batteries that are still far out from their expiration date and you shouldn’t have any issues with short battery life.

    There’s several variations of this safe from SentrySafe — another highly reviewed favorite for home defense is this two pistol safe with an interior LED light.

  3. 3. GunVault MicroVault XL Handgun Safe

    • Highly portable
    • Can be easily mounted in any orientation
    • Super rapid entry
    • Stores up to 120 fingerprints
    • Includes a 5 year warranty for burglary and fire
    • Includes a 4 foot security cable
    • This safe is not fireproof
    • Some customer complaints concerning the consistency of the sensor - make sure to spend some time with this safe and learn the ins and outs
    • Somewhat expensive for a smaller gun safe - remember this is a biometric unit

    Here’s our pick of the best gun safe for value portability. At 12 by 10.5 by 3.5 inches this unit can go with you essentially anywhere. Of course be informed of your state’s firearm laws and the restrictions of your firearm license before transporting any of your weapons.

    GunVault is another highly respected company when it comes to firearm security, and the MicroVault XL is a crowd favorite for ease of operation and mobilility. This is an exceptionally rapid system of handgun retrieval — if you’re looking for a fast access, portable or low profile option definitely consider this unit. With a little practice you can gain entry to the safe in seconds.

    This is the best bedside biometric gun safe for home defense on top of being our pick for portability. It’s tiny and stashable, but still has space for a bit more than just a hand gun making it a great stay at home or grab and go option.

    This safe is built with 18 gauge steel construction and is crafted with protective foam on the inside. It not only keeps your handgun secure and ready to use but is also an excellent security system for things like sensitive documents and valuables.

    Considering the more than reasonable cost you’ll likely find all sorts of applications for this unit.

    GunVault includes a four foot security cable with the purchase of this biometric gun safe so you can ensure it’s secure wherever it’s being stored in order to deter theft. It also mounts with ease in any orientation if you want to permanently mount it.

    If you like the style of this smaller sized biometric gun safe but are interested in something even more portable, consider the MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe also by GunVault. It’s essentially the same unit but meant for a single handgun and just 11 by 8.5 by 2.25 inches.

  4. 4. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

    • Highly portable, yet built with 16 gauge steel
    • Biometric, digital and key entry
    • Compatible with the Vaultek app via bluetooth for remote access
    • Three different color options to choose from
    • Adjustable interior lighting
    • Foam padded
    • Fairly expensive - there’s a lot of bells and whistles with this one
    • Portable, but no handle on the safe
    • Learning how to use this safe takes a little patience

    Here’s another impressive portable biometric unit from Vaultek that’s loaded with useful features. The VT20i is an exceptionally secure, smaller sized gun safe that has multiple options for entry.

    There’s a biometric sensor, key pad and regular lock and key entry with this device so you’re never without a way to access your handgun. The free Vaultek App even allows you to remotely access the VT20i from your smartphone to check power levels, view the access history, detect tampering, and customize preferences.

    Similar to the S6000 by Verifi, this is an advanced piece of technology for those gun owners interested in the best of the best.

    The dimensions are 11.5 by 9 by 2.75 inches and the unibody (weldless) construction is 16 gauge steel rather than the more typical 12. This is perhaps the best gun safe for portability and Fort Knox level security.

    There’s an interior light with adjustable brightnes so you have adequate visibility when the safe is opened and the keypad is of course back lit.

    Perhaps the coolest feature of this gun safe is the fact that it is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Just two and a half hours of charging with the included micro USB cable will give this safe about four months of power.

    Anti pry bars make breaking in with hand tools nearly impossible and dual impact impact latches further heighten security. Vaultek has really hit all the bases with the VT20i making it one of the best gun safes on the market.

    Although it only really provides storage for one handgun, this is an excellent value buy considering all the included features and cost. Make sure to check out the VT10i for another righteous portable option as well as the MX series for a higher capacity handgun safe.

  5. 5. BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle Safe

    • Removable racks for internal customization
    • Capacity for up to six long guns and several hand guns
    • Five point deadbolt system
    • Hardware included for mounting
    • Can be programmed for silent access
    • Stores up to 120 fingerprints
    • This safe is not fireproof
    • No included interior lighting
    • Only a bit bigger than BARSKA’s Quick Access Biometric Safe but almost twice the cost

    Here’s a biometric long gun safe from reputable company, BARSKA. The Large Biometric Rifle Safe has generous dimensions at 57 by 13.75 by 13.75 inches and the capacity for up to six long guns along with some hand gun storage. It’s a somewhat high capacity sized gun safe yet still stores nicely in a closet, room corner or other tight place.

    There’s removable racks for internal layout customization so you can arrange your firearms however you’d like. Even if you don’t have six long guns to store, you’ll appreciate the space this unit provides.

    There’s no internal light source with this safe so consider installing a motion sensor light for some help seeing in low light.

    BARSK has built this safe with a five deadbolt system to go along with the solid steel construction so it’s exceptionally secure. The weight is not really going to deter theft at only 114 pounds, but it’s easily mounted with the included hardware so you can permanently secure it wherever it’s going to live.

    This safe can store up to an impressive 120 fingerprints! Not very practical for regular at home use but a great feature that could come in handy if your purchasing for your gun club.

    This biometric gun safe has great reviews for battery life (runs on four AA batteries) and also comes with a back up set of keys for another form of entry. There is some noise involved when using the biometric scan and opening the door of the safe but fortunately a silent mode is programmed if you want to remain covert for home defense purposes.

    The price of this unit is definitely a bit steep compared to some other comparable BARSKA safes. You’re paying for a bit more capacity, organization potential and five versus the more standard three deadbolts.

  6. 6. Steelwater 22 Long Gun Heavy Duty Safe

    • Fireproof for up to 60 minutes
    • 20 steel bolts on all four sides of the door make for a stupendously secure safe
    • EMP proof digital pad and drill resistant hard plate add further security
    • Customizable internal storage schematic and space to stash handguns on the door
    • Re-locker device keeps the safe locked in the event the lock gets damaged during a break in attempt
    • Includes an interior LED light system
    • Quite expensive - it’s what you pay for the best!
    • You'll need help moving and mounting this one but once installed the weight = added security
    • Some complaints about Steelwater customer service

    Here’s the ultimate high capacity long gun safe for the avid gun enthusiast. This is the best gun safe around if you have a large amount of firearms for both organization and high security.

    This 12 guage steel gun safe is fire proof for up to an hour which is of course a major detail! The door is 5 1/8 inches thick with three layers of fireboard. This is a tough as nails gun safe that’s designed to keep your firearms safe no matter what.

    The opening of the door is 49 by 20 inches. On average, this safe fits 14 to 18 long guns comfortably but has a 22 gun capacity. There’s an awesome array of full length and shorter style shelves as well as an organizer kit built into the backside of the door. You can really customize how you set up the internal schematic for both long guns and hand guns.

    There’s 20 separate bolts on all four sides of the door which makes this safe remarkably secure. A gear driven lock and bolt system add further strength against tampering and a drill/ballistic resistant hard plate is included to protect the combination dial, re-locker and gear drive. The re-locker will even spring lock in the event the lock is punched out!

    The digital key pad is furthermore EMP proof and there’s of course a physical bypass key.

    There’s an internal light included with this safe and even a free dehumidifying box. Make sure to regulate the internal environment of this safe carefully.

    For gun club use or for those who simply own a large amount of firearms and want to buy the best, Steelwater Gun Safes has come up with a totally reliable product. A bit on the pricey end, but that’s what you pay for when you buy the best!

  7. 7. Steelwater 20 Long Gun Standard Duty Gun Safe

    • Very affordable high capacity safe - this unit is a great value
    • 10 steel bolt door closure design
    • Fireproof up to 1 hour
    • Awesome internal schematic for neatly storing a variety of firearms
    • Includes an interior LED light system
    • Does not offer the same security as Steelwater’s “heavy duty” models
    • Quite heavy and cumbersome means added diifficulty installing
    • Some shipping restrictions

    Here’s essentially the same gun safe previously listed by Steelwater except slightly smaller capacity and less secure. This is a 20 rather than 22 long gun safe that’s standard duty as opposed to heavy duty.

    There’s 10 instead of 20 steel bolts, no re-lock device or drill resistant hard plate and a lighter overall weight. This is still an exceptionally secure gun safe with an EMP proof digital keypad, it just lacks some of the top quality features included on the higher end models.

    This safe is half the cost of Steelwater’s 22 long gun, heavy duty unit making it an excellent value. It’s perhaps the best gun safe for high capacity purposes if cost is important to you.

    This unit is also fireproof for one hour and is built with 12 gauge steel. It’s easily mounted into the ground with the pre-set holes and also easily operated. This is another great choice of safe for shared use at a gun club because of its size and organization potential.

    For high quality large capacity gun safe at an excellent value cost, look no further!

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