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5 Best In Wall Gun Safes: Compare & Save

in wall gun safe

Safe and effective firearm storage is a must for every gun owner. In wall gun safes allow you to conceal your firearm storage while also keeping your gun safe completely out of the way.

It’s a great style of firearm storage if you’re short on space within your home or if you’re serious about keeping the location of your weapons hidden from children or potential intruders. In wall gun safes require a bit of extra installation, yes, but the benefits of this style of storage are certainly worth it.

Our top list of in wall gun safes has a few different style options for in-home storage. We’ve included both handgun and long gun options as well as some particularly concealable options. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish with your in home gun storage, there’s something here for you.

What Are The Best In Wall Gun Safes?

viking biometric safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Advanced biometric fingerprint sensor
  • Integrated internal LED light
  • Easily operable
Price: $289.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
snapsafe in wall gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Electronic and keyed entry
  • Three removable shelves
  • Highly concealable
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
steelwater in wall gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Free Shipping
  • Fireproof
  • Glass re-locker
Price: $399.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
v-line in wall gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy installation
  • 4 long guns, handguns, ammo and more
  • Includes a foam barrel gaurd
Price: $816.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sportsman series in wall gun safe Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Highly concealable
  • Includes a key rack
Price: $117.89 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Viking Security Biometric Hidden Wall Safe

    • Includes a state of the art biometric fingerprint sensor
    • Technology is easily operable in low light
    • Integrated internal LED light
    • 19 by 14 by 4 inch dimensions fits between wall studs
    • Fully carpeted interior
    • Includes three adjustable shelves and key hooks for some nice internal organization
    • Great value in wall gun safe
    • Some complaints about quality control of the interior shelves (reports of damaged shelves)
    • Some complaints regarding quick battery life if you’re going to be in and out of this safe daily
    • Will have to learn how to operate the biometric sensor properly

    Gun safes that employ a biometric sensor are quickly becoming the top choice for safe and reliable firearm storage. Fingerprint access means no keys or electronic codes are required which both simplifies gun storage as well as heightens safety. This option from Viking Security Safe is both a great reliable and affordable biometric option.

    Access to an in home gun safe is furthermore without a doubt the most secure way to store firearms if there are children in the household and also the most rapid way to access your weapon in an emergency. There’s no scrambling to find keys or panicked digital code entry involved with a unit like this (although you can access the safe by digital code or key entry) – it’s as simple as placing your hand on the sensor and gaining entry to the safe.

    This in wall gun safe from Viking Security is highly reviewed for ease of operation and installation. If you’re looking for a rapid entry handgun safe that can be slid right between wall studs, this is a great pick. The 19 by 14 by 4 inch dimensions make this safe easily installed wherever studs are 16 or 24 inches apart.

    The interior is lined with carpet and includes three adjustable shelves. There’s also an integrated interior LED light to provide visibility in the dark. As far as organization goes, this unit is a good pick.

    Two 20 millimeter motorized deadbolts paired with a laser-cut, pry-resistant design make this safe more secure than most of the comparably priced competition. For the cost, this is an excellent value safe especially considering the biometric sensor.

    For concealed, quick and organized access to handguns, documents and other valuables, this biometric unit from Viking Security is a winner.

  2. 2. SnapSafe In Wall Long Gun Safe

    • Easily installed between wall studs and secured by lag bolts
    • Three removable shelves
    • Electronic and keyed entry
    • Highly concealable
    • Internal dimensions (40.7 by 14.13 by 3.78 inches) are a little tight for some long guns — make sure to check the dimensions of your firearms before purchasing
    • Shelves are removable but not adjustable
    • No option for silent entry

    Here’s an affordable in wall gun safe for stashing your rifles and shotguns. SnapSafe has made a great value product with this unit that also installs with ease.

    Customer reviews praise this unit for its ease of installation and operation. There’s both digital code and keyed entry so you have two ways to access the safe.

    The exterior dimensions allow for easy in-wall mounting between studs and the overall weight (55 pounds) won’t strain your home too much. Installation is super simple and utilizes six lag bolts. This should be able to slide just about anywhere in your home without anyone having to know it’s present.

    SnapSafe has built this safe with a 16 gauge steel body and .15 inch steel door so it’s fairly heavy duty. If you’re really concerned about theft then there’s definitely more robust in wall gun safe options but this unit should do the trick just fine for regular home security purposes.

    This in wall gun safe has interior dimensions of 40.7 by 14.13 by 3.78 inches so make sure to check your long guns before purchasing – some customer reviews claim this safe might be a bit short for some weapons.

    The shelves are removable, but not adjustable so what you see is more or less what you get with this one. There’s still some potential to customize the interior for handy gun owners who choose to.

    All in all, SnapSafe has come up with a highly affordable and easy to operate and install gun safe with this one – no doubt a solid choice for those on a budget.

  3. 3. Steelwater 2-Hour Fireproof Safe

    • Free Shipping
    • Fireproof
    • Glass re-locker prevents drill attacks
    • Removable, adjustable shelves
    • Built HEAVY duty (235 pounds)
    • Although not designed as an in wall gun safe the shape and dimensions are suitable for in wall installation
    • Heavy weight may limit where you can install this safe
    • Not particularly designed as an in wall gun safe so you will have to rig this safe for in wall storage
    • Minimal organization potential

    Here’s a top quality gun safe from the renowned company, Steelwater Gun Safes. This unit is built to be incredibly secure and is essentially impenetrable to intruders or unauthorized users. If you’re looking for an exceptionally secure in wall gun safe, definitely consider an option like this.

    So this unit is not technically designed for use as an in wall gun safe, but its dimensions and shape make it more than suitable for in-wall installation. It is however quite heavy at 143 pounds so there may be limitations to where this safe can be mounted depending on the style of your home’s construction.

    The exterior dimensions are 20 7/8 by 17 1/8 by 17 5/16 inches There’s one adjustable/removable shelf for a bit of internal customization potential but there’s not a ton you can do with the inside schematic. This is a great safe for handgun storage along with a few other valuables.

    Perhaps the best feature of this safe is the fact that it’s fireproof for up to 2 hours. The fireproof construction, as well as an array of anti-theft features (glass re-locker, full-length interlocking channel, etc), is what you’re paying for with a safe like this.

    If you’re a bit handy and have what it takes to install this gun safe you’ll be very much impressed by its build and features. No doubt a top-notch firearm storage option from Steelwater.

  4. 4. V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe

    • Great full length size and internal schematic allows for storage of 4 long guns, handguns, ammunition and more
    • Very easy to install between wall studs
    • Highly concealable
    • Includes a foam barrel gaurd
    • Price is fairly high considering the lack of features here
    • Only has a manual lock
    • Small diameter locking rods and gaps in the door area - this is not a particularly secure safe
    • Accessing the safe is audible and non discrete

    Here’s another easy to install in wall gun safe for long guns by V-Line.

    This unit has a bit more length than the safe by SnapSafe listed at #2 so there’s more space for designing a custom internal schematic. It’s not as secure as the SnapSafe option and has a higher price tag – but we’ve included it here for those gun owners who appreciate organization.

    This in wall gun safe is 53 by 18 by 5.8 inches and weighs just 60 pounds. It’s very easily installed between wall studs and easy to carry on your own. The added depth of this unit is a killer feature that will no doubt be utilized.

    There are all sorts of shelving options with this safe and also a foam barrel guard included. The inside of the door can furthermore be outfitted with all sorts of mounts for handguns, ammo and other items.

    Unfortunately, the door is secured with a three-point lock system with somewhat weak security. There are also door gaps meaning this safe could be potentially pried open by a skilled burglar. This is honestly more of a gun locker than a gun “safe”. The best way to add security to this unit is to really mindfully conceal it somewhere that it won’t be noticed.

    If you have the funds for a high organization safe like this, you’ll love the internal layout options it provides. Definitely some trade-offs with this particular in wall gun safe, but absolutely a great option for certain gun owners.

  5. 5. Sportsman Series Wall Safe

    • Highly affordable
    • Digital and keyed entry
    • Shelves are removable and also includes a key rack
    • Super easy to install
    • Highly concealable
    • Pry resistant door and locking bolts are great quality considering the price
    • Middle shelf is barely useable because the locking mechanism recesses into it
    • Could likely be forcibly opened with a heavy duty pry bar
    • Low capacity

    Here’s a smaller sized in wall gun safe similar in function the biometric safe listed at #1, but built with a digital and keyed lock rather than a fingerprint sensor. Sportsman Series has come up with a highly affordable and reliable option with this simple, but effective unit.

    This is a great choice for a budget unit for those who want some reliable but affordable handgun storage. The dimensions are 13.86 by 3.75 by 20.75 inches so it’s easily tucked into all sorts of spaces.

    This in wall gun safe can be installed almost anywhere in the home and is super low profile for easy concealment.

    There’s three shelves for organization and also a key rack that could be modified to serve several different purposes. The middle shelf is unfortunately mostly occupied by the lock mechanism when the safe is closed, but it’s still usable for thinner items like documents.

    Sportsman Series has built this in wall gun safe tough from solid steel and includes all the necessary mounting hardware. For stashing some handguns, ammo and other items and valuables just about anywhere in the home, this is a great affordable option that hasn’t cut any corners on security.

    Consider purchasing a few of these safes and installing them throughout your home if you want to be truly prepared for a home invasion emergency.

    Considering the low cost, this is an excellent value option that you’ll find all sorts of applications for. No doubt a great choice of in wall gun safe from Sportsman Series.

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