Dog Fashion: Top 10 Best Wedding Outfits for Dogs

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Are you obsessed with your dog? Many dog owners are, to the point that dressing them up in things like doggie sneakers is a must. I know how it is — my wife and I have three dogs and we’re obsessed with them. We don’t go so far as to dress them up regularly, but if we were to get married today, you can bet we’d invite them to the ceremony.

If you’re planning a wedding that your dog gets to attend, make the most of it by dressing them up, too. There are a variety of roles your dog can play as either a member of the wedding party or as a fashionable guest. It’s a special day, you’ve paid for the photographer, and your friends and family will all be assembled, so it’s a perfect opportunity to put your dog in an adorable costume for all to see.

We’ve discussed dog costumes in the past, and we know how much everyone gets a kick out of seeing a dog pose as a human. For this list, we’ve suggested outfits for each role a dog might play in your big day. If you’ve got multiple dogs, you can find a separate role for each of them, even if it’s just distinguished guest.

The best part about all of these outfits is that unlike your wedding dress, any of these can be worn more than once. Holiday celebrations, parties, or other landmark events are all good times to toss a tux on your dog and parade them around.

As your wedding day approaches, don’t forget about these top ten best dog wedding outfits so your pup can participate, too.

1. Dog Wedding Dress: Rubie’s Classics Collection Pet Wedding Dress Costume


While you can’t marry your dog (please, please do not attempt to marry your dog), we all know at least one person who might say something along the lines of, “Marrying me means being married to my dog, too.” You know, the people who love their dog so much that any potential partner must learn to love them nearly as much. If you feel that way, you can toss a wedding gown on your dog to match the one you or your intended will be wearing. This lacy ruffle dress complete with veil comes in six different sizes to fit just about any dog. As an alternative, the “Yappliy Ever After” dress from East Side Collection is also very nice. You could also consider this option from Topsung, which features sequins for a little bling.

Price: $14 to $23.97

Buy the Rubie’s Classics Collection Pet Wedding Dress Costume here.

2. Dog Tuxedo: Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Oscar Formal Tuxedo

Alfie Pet

As with the bride, your dog can be dressed up like the groom, too, though this will work for a best man, groomsman, or just a very fashionable guest. This is a fully lined formal tux, available in eight different sizes. The set includes two ties — one red and one black — so you can match the style of your wedding. The subtle pinstriping adds a fashionable, if non-traditional, flair. Other options include the East Side Collection tux which goes with the wedding dress mentioned above, or the simpler I See Spot Tuxedo Shirt. An even more stripped down option would be this Lillian Rose Wedding Party Tuxedo Dog Collar.

Price: $20.99

Buy the Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Oscar Formal Tuxedo here.

3. Dog Ring Bearer: I See Spot’s Ring Bearer Pet Bandana

I See Spot’s

The most popular function for a dog at a wedding (or the proposal that comes before it) is probably ring bearer. Having your dog run down the aisle with the rings is a pretty easy thing to accomplish, so this is a good job for them. Make it official with this bandana that declares their special function for the day. Simply tie the rings to the included ribbon and send your dog up to the altar. A more traditional option might be this Rubie’s Ring Bearer Pillow.

Price: $14.30

Buy the Dog Ring Bearer: I See Spot’s Ring Bearer Pet Bandana here.

4. Dog Flower Girl: Kirei Sui Ivory Rosettes Tutu Party Dress

Kerei Sul

With a little bit of outside help, your dog can also perform the role of flower girl (girl part not necessary). This dress is covered in little rosettes to perfectly style your pup as the bringer of flowers. If you pair it with the Pet Petal Pullcart, they can easily spread flower petals down the aisle as they go.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Kirei Sui Ivory Rosettes Tutu Party Dress here.

5. Dog Bridesmaid: Genuiskids Dog Rose Princess Lace Dress


Even for most humans, being in the wedding party means being a bridesmaid or a groomsman. Dress up your dog in one of these fantastically over-the-top bridesmaid dresses. You choose between pink or purple among six different sizes that are mostly aimed at smaller breeds. For something in blue, try Fitwarm floral dress.

Price: $2.99 to $4.19

Buy the Genuiskids Dog Rose Princess Lace Dress here.

6. Dog Groomsman: Zunea Small Dog Clothes Shirt Overalls Outfit


I’m going to a wedding this year (no dogs invited, for some reason) as a groomsman. The selected attire is a pair of slacks, a white shirt, tie, and suspenders. Put together, it looks an awful lot like this outfit. If you want your dog to be a groomsman at your wedding, this makes a pretty dapper option and comes in five sizes, again aimed at smaller breeds. It’s a handsome, classic look.

Price: $10.23 to $11.17

Buy the Zunea Small Dog Clothes Shirt Overalls Outfit here.

7. Dog Best Man or Maid of Honor: Hello Hazel Company Best Dog or Dog of Honor Bandana

Hello Hazel Company

As the cliche goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. And a best friend is likely to be the best man at a wedding. Declare your dog as such with this U.S.-made, professionally screen printed burlap style bandana complete with bow tie. The Dog of Honor bandana swaps the tie for flowers, if you prefer. The company also makes an “I Do Too” variation if you have a, you know, human designated for honor duties.

Price: $28

Buy the Hello Hazel Company Best Dog Bandana here.

8. Dog Bow Tie: Bingapet Diamond Bow Tie Pet Collar


If your dog is simply a guest at your wedding, adorning them with a bow tie can provide just enough of a look to fit in. Of course, casual bow tie wear for dogs has been popular for awhile now, but if your doesn’t yet have one, a wedding is a perfect excuse. This one comes on a rhinestone-studded collar in red, black, or pink across three sizes. If you want something without the bling, Tik Tok Designs makes several stylish options, as well.

Price: $12.99 (35 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Bingapet Diamond Bow Tie Pet Collar here.

9. Casual Dog Wedding Guest: Fitwarm Casual Dog Plaid Western Shirt and Bowtie


Perfect for casual fall weddings (the best kind, in my opinion), your dog can arrive as the consummate guest in this cozy shirt and tie combination. Dressy enough for a special occasion, but not in danger of outshining the bride or any of the wedding party. Fitwarm also makes this print in dress form. For other seasons, consider this dapper blue shirt or spring plaid.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Fitwarm Casual Dog Plaid Western Shirt and Bowtie here.

10. Dog Wedding Announcement: TooLoud Personalized Mr and Mrs Design Dog Bandana


Whether at the reception or on the honeymoon — dogs go on honeymoons, right? — this personalized bandana will announce your recent nuptials to the world. Enter your name and year or date so your dog can sport this personalized celebration of your marriage. Rather than the MC at the reception making the announcement, just send your dog running in wearing this.

Price: $19.95

Buy the TooLoud Personalized Mr and Mrs Design Dog Bandana here.

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