‘THERE’S NO CHEESE IN A HAMBURGER!’ Wendy’s Meltdown Caught on Video

While the indignant customer is technically correct, frantically having a meltdown at the drive through window of a Wendy’s is not exactly the best way to make a point about it.

Posting a video of the confrontation that held up the drive through line at a Wendy’s, Jeffery Donnelly, the man waiting for his food behind the enraged customer, filmed the exchange on his phone and uploaded it to his YouTube account, which due to its lone video upload was created specifically for the purpose of posting the video.

Calling the Wendy’s establishment “Goddamn sons of bitches,” the unnamed customer in front of Jeffery Donnelly flew into a uncontrollable rage, shouting off such great phrases as “Is there cheese in hamburger? There is no cheese in hamburger. When you have a cheeseburger you have a cheeseburger, when you have hamburger you have a hamburger,” and calling the entire collective staff of Wendy’s “God damn sons of bitches.”

Maybe the customer was lactose intolerant, maybe he just got fired from his job, maybe his wife just left him and got full custody of the kids. The world may never know. But what we do know, is that courtesy of Jeffery Donnelly, we got to see a Wendy’s customer at a low, low point in his life. And on the Internet, that’s about all we need.

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