WATCH: Man Finds Out the Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Park Like a Jerk

Justice is a dish best served on YouTube.

If you’ve ever rolled up to a parking lot and seen somebody parked over the white line because their precious sports car needs the room, you know what true rage is. And if you’re the person who takes up two spots, there’s a special place in Hell reserved for your kind.

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A few noble do-gooders decided to take justice into their own hands when they got tired of a douche in their office complex consistently taking up two spots.

YouTuber Crisp330 writes:

Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day, so we showed him you actually can still fit another car beside his.”

It doesn’t matter if you drive a Jaguar, Aston Martin or Hummer, if you deliberately take up more than one parking spot you deserve whatever is coming to you.