Hank and Marie of Breaking Bad React to the VMAs and 4 Other Viral Videos You Need to See

Another day, another bunch of viral YouTube videos. In this daily series, we provide you with the viral videos you need to see. Why? Because they’re trendy, awesome, funny, newsworthy, and you don’t want to be the one with the blank stare when they come up in conversation. Oh, and if you’re a day behind, you can view yesterday’s videos here!

5. Volcanic Geyser Emerges in Rome

Just a small volcanic vent, no big deal.

4.Is it Legal to be Topless Here?

Lori Welbourne asks Walter Gray, the Mayor of Kelowna if it’s legal to be topless during an interview. She removes her shirt and tries to compare exposed breasts to exposed ear lobes. Frankly, I would love to grab a beer with her and her feminine cause.

3. Miley You’re a Good Girl by Jon Lajoie

Blown away by the speed of this, Jon has another viral hit on his hands.

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2. Funniest Wrestling Move

So lame, so awesome.

1 . Hank and Marie of Breaking Bad Watch the VMAs

Classic juxtaposition brought to you by some guy on the internet.

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