The 15 Best Viral Videos of 2013

10. Russian Meteorite Viral Video

Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi apocalypse, this viral video is absolutely must see. You’ll recall that this meteor basically terrorized a whole region. Absolutely insane.

9. 747 Falls Out of the Sky in Afghanistan

By far the most traumatizing video on our list, we’d be remiss to exclude the terrifying footage of a 747 plummeting out of the sky in Afghanistan. Caused by extremely heavy cargo contents shifting during take-off, this crash stands out as uniquely awful, and the footage was passed around the internet for days following.

8. I’mma Get You B*tch

While tasers have made for incredibly famous viral videos before (don’t tase me bro!), this one is really something special. A burly man receives a full blown taser blast and reacts well, not at all.

7. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank by CarrieNYC

While YouTube prank videos are a dime a dozen, this one really stands out. It’s shocking, amazingly well-done, and just a plainly extremely high-value terror-prank. Check out our full coverage of this amazing video here.

6. Ohio State Marching Band – Hollywood Blockbusters

The halftime show to crush all halftime shows, the OSU Marching band entrenched itself as the forever king of halftime shows with this unreal performance. Following it, they basically couldn’t not make a viral video, doing “The Fox,” and Video Game Highlights as well.

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