WATCH: ‘One Inch of Snow’ Fake Movie Trailer is Hilarious [VIDEO]

It seems every time the Polar Vortex descends, the southern states descend into chaos. It’s a simple fact: Southern people can’t drive in snow.

Your friends would be so into this!

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This fake movie trailer takes that fact and runs with it, creating an action movie-like spin on what every southerner dreads: one inch of snow.

1 Comment

1 Comment

Keith Hodges

That was funny. But, I’d like to see some sort of comparison to accidents in the north as well. It’s not that we can’t drive in the snow. It’s the lack of snow removal equipment. And, why would our agencies spend so much on something so underused down here. We can simply stay home on those bad days. Something I think a lot of northerners would love to do, but haven’t that excuse to stay home. Give me a roaring fire place to enjoy instead of work anytime.

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