WATCH: The #OhNoSimon Video That One Direction Fans Are Tweeting About

Warning: the above footage contains naked man butt.

While One Direction fans are celebrating the 22nd birthday of Harry Styles today, February 1st, they are also rejoicing in the seemingly hilarious takedown of Simon Cowell in this parody video. It’s not clear why the sketch, which originally aired during the BBC Comedy television show Celebrity Bitchslap News at least three years ago, resurfaced today, but perhaps some 1D fans are behind it. Oooh, conspiracy theory!

Actors impersonating Cowell and comedian/TV personality David Walliams are shown sharing a dressing room in what is purported to be “hidden camera footage.” This is a theme in the Celebrity Bitchslap sketches – footage allegedly “found” and brought to the attention of the public which causes embarrassment to big celebrities, when it’s really only lookalike actors. The men have their needs tended to by fawning attendants while Susan Boyle’s song “I Dreamed a Dream” plays. Boyle, as you may remember, became a global sensation when she sang this song during a 2009 BGT audition that left Simon Cowell’s jaw on the table.

The lookalike Cowell and Walliams share a bubble bath and an exceptionally disturbing but very funny “dry off” session. The comic troupe definitely does not flatter Simon Cowell – he is seen wearing a kind of women’s shapewear and lace-up corset bodysuit to maintain his figure. The public persona of Simon Cowell being the opposite of humble has come back to bite him in the (naked, hairy) butt.

Walliams and Cowell are judging the upcoming cycle of Britain’s Got Talent together, as they have in years past. The two men have a playful rivalry with each other. Not so playful is the rivalry between many One Direction fans and Cowell.

Even though Simon Cowell is at least partially responsible for creating the group when he put them together and mentored them through the 2010 season of Britain’s Got Talent, some fans dispute the effectiveness of his management with SYCO Music and the role the company plays in 1D’s career. Interestingly, One Direction did not even win that season of BGT, they came in third place.

1D fans have a huge presence on social media, and use Twitter to jump on any public remark Simon may make against their beloved boys.

As #OhNoSimon trends today, here are some of the funniest tweets relating to the “scandalous video footage.” A popular theme is taking photos of 1D members making wacky faces and using them in a collage to describe “your feelings” after seeing the sketch.

So, uh, Happy Birthday Harry Styles?!?!

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