Is CVS Open on Christmas Day 2018? [Hours Near Me]

Is CVS Open Today


Merry Christmas! Most of the busy holiday work is behind you, and now it’s time to celebrate. But you might not feel like celebrating quite yet if you forgot a Christmas gift or forgot an ingredient for your Christmas meal. If that happened, don’t worry. In most locations, CVS stores are all open on Christmas Day, but the store’s pharmacy and Minute Clinic hours vary. Christmas Day hours may vary too. 

On Christmas Day, in most locations, CVS will be open on a more limited schedule. So don’t just assume that if your CVS is open, it will be open during the same hours it normally operates. Even many 24-hour locations actually close at some point on Christmas Eve and open a little later on Christmas Day, sometimes around 8 a.m. The pharmacy’s hours may also be different from the store’s, so call your local CVS if you need to pick up medication.

Some Minute Clinics will be open on Christmas Day too, but you’ll want to check with your nearest location first before heading over. You can see the entire list of clinics open on Christmas Eve, including their hours, here. All CVS stores and pharmacies will be open during regular business hours the day after Christmas.

Click here to find a CVS location near you and confirm their hours for Christmas Day.

If you want to do some Christmas shopping at CVS, check out their website here, where you can see seasonal decor like a lighted Santa, stuffed Rudolph reindeer, wreaths, trees, snowmen, and more. These are all only available in stores, but you can click on the item that’s of interest to you and check on its in-store availability if there’s something in particular that you want to buy.

Here’s another idea, shared on Twitter:

You can also start planning ahead for New Year’s at CVS too. How about starting the year off with some photo albums or photo cards celebrating the New Year’s? If you didn’t send Christmas cards, New Year’s cards can be fun. CVS has lots of options, like foil-embossed photo cards, two-sided cards, cards you can design yourself, and other Happy New Year cards. If you’re wanting to be healthier for the New Year, you can pick up some supplements, vitamins, and healthy snacks at CVS.

Remember, if you’re shopping at CVS today, be nice to the people working there. They’re having to work on the holiday instead of spending time with their families, so they could use a little extra Christmas cheer.

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