The 20 Worst Myspace Pictures

Machine Gun Myspace Pic

Okay, you know you have weight issues when you make a machine gun look tiny. This guy probably keeps spare clips of ammo under his titty folds.

Hardballs Myspace Pic

Emo is like the worst thing that ever happened to humanity. Take your pink jeans and your Sharpie scribble and take that shizz back to Mars where it belongs.

Makeup Panties Myspace Pic

The thing about Facebook that sucks is that people can “tag” you in pictures you’d rather not be identified with. But on Myspace, you’re responsible for your own steez. So this guy chose to let the world know that this is how he rolls. Think about that for a second.

Wooden Sword Myspace Pic

Interests: battling evil, manorexia, NOT MOWING THE STUPID LAWN, DAD!

AZN Ponytail Myspace Pic

What am I saying? This guy owns.

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Don’t give up yet .they are remove able.really work with him on this one also the people he talks too a big reason for the body art he put on his handsome face he owns. I know your feelings My thirty four girl has her chest covered arms back sure did nothing for her very pretty face of hers .what do they think ? I d love to know.
Best wish es D.M.Brown .

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