Breastfeeding Older Children: The Reality Show You Never Wanted

Riding on the lactating breasts of this infamous Time cover comes a reality show about breastfeeding older children. Are you done vomiting? No? Alright I’ll give you a moment…

The Magazine Cover That Is To Blame

Okay, so let’s try to, pardon my euphemism, digest this lovely bit of information. TheFrisky reports that the show is in development by Collins Avenue, the company responsible for “Dance Moms.” Whom I think can be brought up on “Menance To Society” charges now after this latest blight on society. Apart from the shock value of seeing 6-year-olds asking for and whipping out their mother’s boob autonomously, what kind of storylines will the show follow? My kid used their molars and now my nipple is sore? My kid is having a hard time adjusting to school because he still drinks human milk from my breast? My kid tried sucking on his kindergarten teacher’s tits when he was upset? Are you going to be watching this show? Are you disgusted, indifferent, supportive? Are you just in it for the milky boobs? Ugh. Let us know and drop a comment below, unless you’re into this kind of stuff, then leave, you freak.
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