Terry Crews: Old Spice Muscle Music & 8 Old Spice Copy Cats

The Internet exploded yesterday with the introduction of the Old Spice Muscle Music Maker. Not only are you treated to Terry Crews and his sweet, sweet music-making muscles but Old Spice takes it one step further by allowing you to take control of Terry’s beefy bod and make music of your own. The video at the bottom of the post will allow you to remix Terry’s muscles and create a song of your own. It’s very “internet” and very amusing. Old Spice continues to churn out the absolute best in awesomely weird advertising.

In fact, Old Spice “gets” the internet generation so well (Terry Crews also did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit yesterday as well) that there have been a whole slew of desperate copy cats that want to prove that they too “get” it. Here are some of the worst offenders.

So here it is, the original “The Man You Could Smell Like” Old Spice commercial. This is the source material for the countless ripoffs and copy cat jobs that I’ll talk about below!

There was this viral fiasco from Cisco. Cisco was trying to push their routers (or something) and introduced Ted From Accounting who would answer the questions fan posed via Twitter. Unfortunately, the campaign flopped and Ted didn’t have many questions to answer. Poor Ted.

This is a pretty shameless ripoff of the Old Spice “The Man You Could Smell Like” ads of yesteryear. Cue man monologue with moving props and sets, with repetitive lines that become funny because they’re so repetitive in an over-exaggerated machismo tone. And voila! You have yourself a carbon copy of Old Spice!

Damn, a fast-paced manly monologue with rotating scenery?! That is FRESH! Print it! We want that Old Spice buzz! (Are you seeing a trend here?)

Who would’ve thought that even Zeus himself would have to copy Old Spice’s shtick?

Who would’ve thought that a fast-food chain with the word “Queen” in their name would adopt the Old Spice commercial formula? Welp, Dairy Queen did just that and people caught on to the blatant “copy and paste” job they did pretty fast. If only they changed their name to Dairy King…

“How can we sell this boxed macaroni? Let’s get some creepy European looking guy and have him whisper “Liquid Gold”! The internet will eat it up! Old Spice did it? Eh, we’ll just repost it! Lol! Pwned!” -Verbatim conversation from inside the advertising agency that created this campaign.

A man walking while rattling off a fast-paced monologue with a constantly changing background. So original!

Now, this commercial isn’t as “copy and paste” as our previous examples, but if it weren’t for the WTF factor that Old Spice introduced, do you really think this commercial would exist?

Here is an example of a remix made by an Old Spice fan using the Muscle Music Maker. After the video plays try it out yourself!

So there you have it! Were there any Old Spice ripoffs I missed? Leave a comment below and tell me!

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